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Veja sneakers

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You can read a bit about the brand on this wiki page about them here. Their web site, along with all their shoes is here. Here are some photos I found around the net: They look pretty nice in stock photos, though I've yet to see a photo of someone wearing a pair. I like the thin sole, and they look like they have nice shapes as well. They retail for around $120, which seems like a decent price. So does anyone own a pair of these? How is the quality? Are they comfortable? Do they use nice materials? Any other opinions?
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where to buy? I like these a ton
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
where to buy? I like these a ton
Oi Polloi has some, but is sold out of larger sizes. Some are available at , though again, most are sold out. Edit: Nevermind. They are sold in N America, though only at a few places in NY and LA.
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any online stores?
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Very nice.
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They were very popular in France last summer. I almost bought a pair when I went back, but went for Spring Courts instead. They had some really cool models this past winter. I would put them in the Tretorn/Spring Court/Feiyue category, cheaper than CPs and such yet still very good sneakers.
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Where do they sell in NYC?
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Very nice brand and very good quality for sneakers and also luggage:


veja spma black electric 1 [50%].jpg  veja spma moonrock 2 [50%].jpg

veja projet numero 2 4 [50%].jpg  veja projet numero 2 7 [50%].jpg


more here:

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Veja x Frenchtrotters looks pretty sleek. Been looking for some sneakers under $200 not made by third-world children.

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Bumping this old thread. Their indigenos line looks really good imo. Does anyone have any experience with this brand other than what's already been commented? Sizing and quality compared to brands such as CP/Buttero considering they're a lot cheaper?


Some pictures

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Hi, this is my experience with the last two pairs of Veja I bought, both pairs were all in leather: After a really short time (a couple of weeks and then a couple of days !) the seam at the front, on the sides, broke and the leather easily teared, so I ended up with a hole on my first pairs and two with the second pair,

so  I have to say I am very disappointed with their leather and sewing quality and I don't think it's worth the price.

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I have used my suede Mediterranee high tops for two summers and i'm really pleased with them. The suede leather is holding up really well and with a couple treatments of waterproof spray they have kept my feet dry even in the foulest downpours. I've got to take them to cobbler to have extra layer of rubber added to the sole as i can almost see through it. Bought them from a flash sale and paid something like 55 euros shipped. Would buy again.

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I'm completely disappointed by the brand's quality and by the low interest and care that shows the brand for their consumers. It's offensive.


I bought a pair of VEJA Sneakers and after 6 months of very occasional use, the sneakers starts to tear apart. 





As you can see in the image, the leather was short and not properly stitched or stuck to the rubber sole. There's no way to repair them. The tear is not caused by misuse. It just unglued due to lack of proper contact space. It is a clean tear.


The unbelievable thing is that although it is clearly a quality issue, the brand shows no interest at all in its costumers. Their answer was that the responsible is the shop were I bought the sneakers....

I think it is the first time that a manufacturer is not responsible of the quality of its own products, and charges its duty to the one who only acts as an intermediary. Unbelievable.


Thanks Emily Tran and Justine. You convinced me to never buy a Veja product again.






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