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Do Alden cordovans ever go on sale?

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Ever? I'm not sure why they would, necessarily, but sometime in the next year or so I'd like to pick up a pair or two. Since I can wait, I thought I'd ask...
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You can sometimes get the Brooks Brothers ones at $50 off. The psychology of buying is really interesting. It's funny how if companies never put their items on sale, buyers accept paying full price. But if items can be had on sale, it's not a great deal unless it's at that sale price. People will buy Alden cordovans at $340 and think they are getting a great deal. By contrast, Edward Greens, retailing for much higher, aren't considered as great a deal until they get to slightly more than that same price.
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Alden of Carmel has sales on occasion. I've purchased a pair of cordovans from them on sale.
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My local upstate NY Alden retailer sells them at a 20% discount once a year in late fall.
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I picked up a pair of leisure handsewns in shell cordovan at Brooks Brothers 10 days ago for 20% off ($390 instead of $488). The shell cordovan shoes are usually excluded from sales in the fine print, but salesmen will make exceptions. I'm the second forum member who bought from Brooks at a discount. Brooks seems to have frequent sales. Note that their loafers are not fully lined, unlike the product bought from Alden. Other possible sources of Aldens at low prices are Joseph's Shoes in Philadelphia (; they no longer list Aldens on their main website and didn't answer my email query last week about whether or not they still carry them) and Shoe Mart in Connecticut (, which sells seconds. I was told to telephone and ask for Ed.
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The Alden shop on 43rd and Madison has sales, twice a year I believe. They generally send out postcards in the mail, and its good for $50 off any cordovan shoes. The last one I can rememeber was in February (and I took advantage). Probably in the fall again.
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