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>>> I don't think it goes to any goodwill or salvation army (but if it does, please let me know which location I can find the items at ). I would assume that they sell off the remaining items to places such as Filene's Basement or Century 21. I always see HF at Filene's. <<<< My guess is that these did not move t filenes. At some point the rags have o go. My wife was just in a Real outlet store. $280 Tagged price items selling for $10 - after Outlet markdown/ markdown/markdown . . . . That stuff has to move to make room for next week's truck. Sending it back to Filene's (if that is what happened) is only temproary. And the purpose of holding the special event sale is to get rid of what would not sell at Filine's in the first place - not to create more Filene's merchandis.