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What is everyones favorite cologne? What is a terrible cologne to buy? What are some rules/tips for buying a fragrence? Where can I buy designer colognes?
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Do some searching of the forum and you should be able to find a ton of information. I think there is a near-identical thread ongoing in Body Consciousness right now.
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Here's what i posted on askandy: I know i must sound like a commercial, but since you guys don't live near me i'm in no danger of anyone copying my cologne ideas-- you really should check these two out-- very, very cool. The first two are a solid tie for the best i've ever tried. 1. Blu Meditteraneo Sicilian Almond Collection; absolutely cool and different, attracts pretty girls. 2. I can't find it anywhere online, very limited release-- but the Dallas Northpark Neiman Marcus store has it Etro's newest cologne for me, I think it is Etra by Etro For Men. Probably the coolist, slickest cologne i have ever tried; also attracts pretty girls. ph. 214-363-8311 800-756-5784 400 NorthPark Center Dallas, TX 75225 2. Paul Smith colognes-- heard they are nice, remember the scents being pretty good:
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Burberry Touch (available everywhere) It's a subtle scent that doesn't jump out at someone. Just kind of 'there' without calling attention to itself.
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Old Spice - Walgreens
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john varvatos [the latest, black glass bottle w/leather wrap] older Lacoste [not the 2005 red botle, the clear one] sorry for not being specific...
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FYI, the Creed/Bond store on Mad and the lower 60s still has their perpetual Creed sale in full effect. You can pick up the 4 oz. bottes in a variety of different scents for $87.50 plus tax (50% off). I was going to buy a bottle of MI until I decided that: A) I already own 3 bottes of cologne I hardly ever wear, B) I won't be wearing cologne anytime in the near future, and C) I need to save for my broker's fee.
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Hermes Rocobar. Got it from one of the shops in the Harwin district of Houston.
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Of all the colognes I've ever worn, women unanimously love Paul Sebastian.
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Creed Vetiver is very nice, subtle. Whatever it is, I think it's important people can't smell it more than about 18" away from you.
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Check out Basenotes. Probably the first thing you should do is figure out what sort of fragrance type you're looking for; e.g. do you want a light citrusy smell, a woody one, a stronger vanilla-type one, etc? Once you've nailed that, you could skim the site to see which brand falls in which category and make a shortlist so you can try them out at a department store or cosmetic store and see what works for you. Buying online will save you a good deal of money as well. Probably the other thing to remember is to stay away from the super popular colognes, such as Acqua di Gio, Cool Water, and L'eau de Issey because the whole point is to find your own fragrance, not wear something everyone else does already.
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I love smelling new colognes when I shop but I never buy b/c I never wear any. I did buy RLPL last year, but that is the 1st I've purchased in at least 3 years. I think the one before that was Emporio Armani. I would like to buy once in a while but it would be a huge waste of money.
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Dillard's/Foley's will have a couple of higher-end designer fragrances, but your best bet is Neiman's/Saks/Nordstrom.
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