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hemrajani problems contacting?

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anyone else have any problems getting an email response from hemrajani regarding any problems?
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last time I e-mailed Joe he responded within a few hours. But my email was with a question not a problem so, this might be the difference.
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When I asked them to change something on a shirt order they responded within a day. When I asked them about the construction of their suit jackets they took about a week to respond. Maybe they are busy now with the sales tour they are doing in the USA. On Friday I ordered a suit with them.
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I note that Hemrajani's U.S. base of operations is an office in Irvine, CA. This is only about a 15/20 minute drive from my office. Does anyone have any experience with it, i.e., can one go there, look over fabric swatches, get measured, place orders, that kind of thing? If so, it might be worth checking out. I would assume this would only be feasible when Joe Hemrajani is not off on tour.
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I've no experience with going to the Irvine office, but if you email Joe Hemrajani I'm sure he'll accommodate you.
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hurray. Joe H. finally emailed me this morning. Offering a pre paid mailer back or to correct the shirt when he returns to ny in june. nice to report about positive customer expereinces for a change. although I await my test shirt from cego before commiting to a reup from my
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why not pick up the phone and call them? the one and only shirt i ordered from them had a collar which was way too small. i spoke to joe himself on the phone and the problem was corrected after 1 or 2 more phone conversations.
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