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Closet help

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My bedroom closet is completely jammed. I know that this isn't good for what I have hanging in there--it really needs thinning out. Does anyone here have a certain routine when it comes to cleaning the closet? What should I do with pieces from 2-3 seasons ago; you know, the stuff in the back that isn't classic? I've been dragging my feet on this for many months.
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if you can't de-junk to make room for things you really need to keep, consider a canvas storage closet from target or the container store (both have online sites...i am currently storing my suits in two from the container store, while i am overseas).
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The best thing to do with old clothing is get them dry cleaned and then seal them in a protective box of some kind, preferablely plastic or, as I use, mahogany. Use cotton dividers between the clothes if you can, to stop them imprinting on one another. As a precaution against bugs and foul scents, throw in at least two lavender bags, which you can get from any good perfumiere. I'm not sure where such containers are available, but I'm sure that Barney's could recommend somewhere. --European Interloper
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Cristobal: First thing first. Do you have any more closets, or ca you move to a bigger place? LOL- It's Friday.
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Don't be afraid to throw things out (or give it to charity, your little brother, etc.).  If it's been several years since you've worn something, you're not likely to develop a sudden interest in it.  And streamlining and simplifying your closet (not to mention your life) can be rejuvenating and liberating.  And gives you an excuse to buy newer, better crap, and upgrade your wardrobe.  Accumulating old stuff for the sake of having it is rarely a good idea. Pack rats aren't generally the happiest, most well-adjusted people out there. Alternatively, you may be able to reuse old items in a different way.  I occasionally take, say, an older t-shirt, cut the sleeves off, and have myself a new workout shirt for the gym.  You may be able to think of other ideas.  If not, get rid of it.  You won't miss that old stuff, I'd bet.
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If you haven't worn it for six month, or in case of seasonal clothes, if they haven't had an outing in the last summer/winter: good riddance. You will never wear it again, unless you wait 25 years when it might be a charming vintage item (but it probably won't fit any more).
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