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What color tie with...

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What color tie would you wear with a charcoal suit and a royal blue candy striped shirt? Choices are: Red, navy, gold, yellow, purple, coral (linen/cotton blend), brown Thanks.
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Navy or possibly gold. koji
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Or the red or the gold perhaps. I'd like a black grenadine best.
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In general, I'd go with something with a red (very safe) or gold ground, but with some royal blue in the pattern to pick up the blue stripe from the shirt. I think I would avoid navy (conflicts with the blue in the shirt), purple (sort of hard to see purple with the blue), brown (wouldn't complement the blue). Coral could be quite striking, if you can pull it off. A question I would ask about the latter is what the occasion is; coral might be a bit much for business, but might look nice for a social event where you want to make an impression. As noted, a black tie could also work.
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Navy would look bland. Go for the red tie. charcoal + blue + gold tie is sooo 90s Luc
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Another red vote
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a lightish orange, or lime green.
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If I remember correctly, you've got light-colored hair, which tips it in favor of the gold for me.
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I'll vote for the coral option, now that spring is upon us.
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I agree with Etruscan;while red is a safe choice,you should dress for the season with an unexpected yet pleasant color like coral or gold.Red is safe and traditional,however,I feel it's more of a "cold weather"color.
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