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Snap Collar Shirt

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Just picked up my first snap-collar shirt (hidden snaps holding down the collar points) today and am wondering about the formality of this item.

It basically looks just like a straight-collar shirt but the snaps hold down the points like buttons on a button-down.

Question: Is this shirt more informal like an OBCD or more formal like a straight or spread collar?

I'm guessing it could possibly be either one.

Also, this shirt is from Nordstrom (got it at Last Chance) but what other makers have this type of shirt? Is it more common than I realize?
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In my experience (seen once) this is something put on by the tailor if the wearer wants it.

Sense it is not visible, I do not see why it would impact formality.
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It is visible insofar as the collar will lay differently than it would if weren't fastened to the body of the shirt. I'd say less formal.
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where can i buy some snap-collar shirt's ?
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also looking for a place to buy one of these shirts. I've only seen them a few times.
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I have not seen a snap collar shirt in years. They were last truly popular in the late 1950s through early 1960s.

When I was a kid in college in the 1980s I used to buy vintage shirts at thrift stores for about a quarter a piece. The snap collar ones were especially desirable.
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snap collars seem to be quite formal to me, as they cannot be worn open collar
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