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Verified paypal account

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Does anyone have any experience with a verified Paypal account?  My new Paypal account will not let me charge a $1200 payment to my credit card (which is under the $2000 limit), presumably because of my lack of payment history.  I am probably being paranoid, but I am concerned about giving Paypal information about my checking account to become a verified user, so any experiences, pro or con, would be appreciated.
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I've done hundreds of transactions as a verified account on PayPal and feel more confident using it than using my debit card in a reader at a gas pump.
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Agreed. Paypal is the absolute best and I have never had a problem after 10,000 plus transactions. 1 word of caution - NEVER login from a link provided in email. There are some scammers out there who will buy a domain name like "" and then send you an email asking you to verify your account. When you click the link it will show you the identical html you'd see logging into paypal and will capture your name and passwd. Paypal is 100% fine, only rule is: ALWAYS log in by entering yourself into the browser, never take a link in email. Links through ebay pages are OK as well. Then from Paypal use your credit card to make payments for a double protection from fraud.
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Since 2000 I've probably run at least 3000 transactions through paypal and have never had a single problem with them. They are more proactive with regards to security than any bank or credit card company I've ever dealt with. Highly recommended. I also endorse Carlo's post on security - excellent advice.
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I concur. PayPal has the best security of any company I have ever dealt with. Thousands of transactions and never a glitch. My web site checkout uses PayPal as well. Every time I use my PayPal card in any out of the ordinary way, they telephone within minutes to ask me if I did in fact make the charge. They're excellent.
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