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Originally Posted by Bic Pentameter View Post
What are your plans for the next season of wallets? I am trying to decide whether I should get one of your current antiqued wallets, or wait for something else you might offer...(something in cordovan, perhaps)?


I'm working on lining up a new source for small leather goods. I was very happy with the previous one (I use that antiqued wallet everyday myself) but when I went to order a bunch of new items, prices had risen so much that I just couldn't use them anymore. I would have had to price the small cordovan wallet at something like $400, for example. So the current stock is all there will be for at least a few months, and the prices are a steal.
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Jamison, are there any other colours apart from navy for the aforementioned flat weave pointed silk knit?
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I don't have any other solid colors on the way (anything specific you're interested in?), but I have a navy flat weave with red dots and a red flat weave with white dots that should be on the site any day now.
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Excellent news on the ties. Any idea on when pics will be up?
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Maybe tonight. I'll see what I can do to hurry it along! They're nice--the silk looks very lustrous on the flat weave.
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^^ Now you're just toying with my emotions! Looking forward to it.
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As promised!

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Good golly! I'm going to have to get me one of those very soon. Kudos JS.
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Thanks! I am very happy with the way they came out.
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The brown dotted ties...
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PM Sent. Thanks.
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Will place order shortly.
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The red one is sharp.
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A little further preview of Fall. We'll have some 30 new handmade ties. These three are now available from HowardYount.com: Navy woven paisley silk: Wool & Silk (90/10) Green and Navy striped: 100% wool, gray, cream, red, black plaid: All of these three are finished with unlined ends. Not all our ties are made that way, but these are:
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Chorse, I remember a separate thread where you mentioned sterling tie bars would be available soon. Can you provide any updates on when they would be available for purchase?
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