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Howard Yount: Affiliate thread

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Hi All,

We would like the welcome Howard Yount to the forum as an official affiliate.

Jamison has been a longstanding member of the forum, and now he has taken his interest in style to the next level. www.HowardYount.com features a range of high-quality accessories from ties to socks to leathergoods, and more. All items are either from top manufacturers like Swaine Adeney Brigg and Marcoliani or are from Jamison's private label, specially made for Howard Yount.

Jamison's business continues to grow. New products will include seven fold ties made in Italy and linen pocket squares. We wish him the best success and look forward to many years of partnership.

You can reach Jamison at jamison@howardyount.com and see his goods at www.howardyount.com


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Thanks, Fok. Glad to make it official! For those of you who may have missed it, Howard Yount is named after my grandfather. He owned a small-town haberdashery for decades. The store was known for its service and integrity, and it survived for quite a long time, considering the changing standards of dress and the rise of malls and mass retailers. It closed before my time, but I am proud to revive the name. Here is Howard (left) with a few friends in the early days of the shop. And here we are together.
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Congrats Jamison! Can't wait to see your future collections and keep up the good work!
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Jamison, Your knit ties look good. Good luck with your business.
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All the best...
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I notice a very early taste for colorful outfits !

I'm a HY fan (just not this month... )
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As a fan of your pics in the WAYWT, I'm sure the goods you're going to offer are great. Good luck to your endeavor!
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I am repeating my comment from Jamison's sales thread: great website, expedient checkout, fantastic service, and excellent product.
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+1. Wonderful stuff and great service.
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I read the first post & was like waht the Fok?!

Who's this 'Jamison' dude taking the credit for Chorse's venture?

All the best.

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Thanks, guys! In case anyone missed the original announcement thread in buying and selling, here's some good reading. After months and months of building the line and the site, it went live in early December. As Fok mentioned, Howard Yount will be expanding--hopefully with one major category or style of item each season. I'm working on the spring collection right now--socks should be up next week. In the meantime, some of my favorites from the first collection are still available. I use the lighter of the two antiqued wallets every day and love it. Some of these are close to selling out, and quite a few items are already all gone.
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awesome gear Chorse

will definitely be buying something in the near future
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I'm liking that white and blue umbrella a lot. And the price is a steal. If only it rained here more often... Best wishes.
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Some great new socks, perfect for spring, are now available on HowardYount.com. Here are a few of my favorites.

Who am I kidding. I like them all!
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