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Can anyone help or advise?

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Hi, I am currently writing a comparrison S.A on mens suits from the 1930's compared with current, contemporary suits. I seem to be having difficulty finding information on menswear in the 1930's or indeed any good images which I can use as source illustrations. Can anyone advise me of any good websites which could enlighten me on the subject or have any input from their own knowledge which they feel would be usful. Many thanks for your time Matty
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Call Bobby from Boston, he is the #1 resource for and about vintage clothing of that era. He is located in Boston, 19 Thayer Street, 617-423-9299. Hope he is helpful.
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Darren Beaman is reading up on this as well and is contemplating putting together some suits from this era. http://askandyaboutclothes.com/forum...?TOPIC_ID=5625
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The periodical section of a local library is a great starting point. I think you'll have great success looking at source materials directly and doing your own original research. You'll find fresh images, analyze them, and develop your own connections and insights.
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