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Khaki suit

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I recently got a lightweight tailor-made khaki suit (candy stripes inside) and was wondering what's the best shirt colour to go with this. Light sold blue shirt? Stripes with white and light blue shades? Also, what's an appropriate occassion for wearing this. Casual Friday work wear? Please comment.
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pics? Blue sounds nice for the shirt. The rest depends on the dress code where you work, where you are located and what kind of work you do. Nice summer choice :-)
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Congrats this is a nice suit. I second the call for photos. You always have to agree with Chuck - blue does sound nice. I also like a white shirt with a great tie. Nice combo. (And no it wasn't an ad for Chuck or FIH but if either of you want to send me a tie...) It sounds like this suit is a change for you? I would be careful about pairing the suit with any shirts that are too bold for they can be too memorable? It seems to me that a lighter suit one recalls more or if it is a suit that out of the norm for you. If you put a really bold shirt with it and wear that combo more then once - everybody will recall it. It will look more like a costume then a suit? I would also not always wear the suit on casual Friday as it will become the look it casual Friday we know what you will wear outfit.... I should note I am not a big fan of casual Fridays - I think it puts everyone in the mode of planning for the weekend rather then working...but then I own the company and sit around dreaming how to get more work out of people. Our IT department noted that personal use of internet access doubled on Fridays - for example its Friday now and I am surfing TSF.
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I'm in Hong Kong (tropical climate). Most people here stick to grey and blue suits. Yeah vc2000, you guessed right, it's an out-of-the-ordinary colour for me and i agree bold colour shirts would be too much. I tend to think blue or white would tone down the suit and not make it look like a costume. I always stick to the maxim of looking nice but without apparently seen to make a huge effort always come of best. I work in an investment bank. We have a relax dress code. Normally chinos, open neck dress shirt with silk knots and a pair of CJ chelsea boots is my usual uniform of choice. Most I banks in HK have gone casual. Grey suits just for meetings.
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You might also try a pale shade of pink. I have a light-colored pincord suit that pink looks wonderful with.
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I was going to suggest pink too. But whether you go with blue, white or pink, it might look good with a black tie. It might add seriousness to the lighter color.
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I was going to suggest pink too.  But whether you go with blue, white or pink, it might look good with a black tie.  It might add seriousness to the lighter color.
What sort of black tie? Plain? Pattern? I have never owned one. Please recommend...
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If it's a lighter shade of khaki, I'd try a French blue or a multi-stripe shirt.
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Have one and often sport a blue or pink gingham (small.)
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for shirts, anything from blues to pinks to lavender will work white is a classic standby solid black tie stands out nicely, whether the tie has a texture or subtle pattern to it - nothing shiney though you can also look at a subtle but vibrant multi-coloured regiment type striped tie as a bright contrast to the earth tone that the suit conveys
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I'm in Hong Kong (tropical climate).
If you don't mind my asking, who was your tailor of choice?
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I work in a conservative i-bank, and I can wear one during the summers on Fridays or maybe Thurs.
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There's one for you. This fabric looks great with khaki-colored suits...
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Thanks for all the great tips. Chorse, the tailor I used is called 'AT Boutique', a stone's throw away from Jantzen Tailor. I'm not sure if they have an internet site but they provide a great tailoring service plus have RTW suits made in Italy (not sure exactly where but 150s). I paid HK$2,200 for my Khaki suit. This works out to be about US$300. It was a fabulous deal and I'm very please with the outcome/fit/service. My girlfriend got a MTM suit wool 150s for about US$400. They have a great deal on shirts too and a reasonably good selection of 2 ply cloth. About US$42 a shirt.
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A black grenadine necktie is a classic look for a khaki suit.
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