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another crazy NY Times article

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So if you invite someone to go naked swimming, would that be considered a "man date"? What is up with the NYT recently - crazy stuff...
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I think it's considered the Trad version of a man date.
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LOL someone needs to post that on AskAndy
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Wow, that is truly odd. I'd have to say the guy's wife got it right at bottom of the first page.
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Read the article this morning. If you read it carefully, you'll note that it is a dying practice. Once upon a time, it was common at clubs to swim naked. In fact, it would have been odd if you hadn't.
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when you go to the baths in budapest, or to the hamam in turkey, this is sort of what it is like, a big hot pool full of middle aged men sitting around naked. not very pretty, but nobody seems to be that worried.
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No big deal. They failed to mention the beautiful art of the steam and dream. Leather beds where you can throw a sheet down and nap after using the steam room. There's an 80 year old guy who does naked pushups in the steamroom at my club. At least Jennifer 8 Lee didn't write this one. Her and Maureen Dowd are just plain awful.
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It sounds odd. When I was growing up (middle/high school in the '80s), my father was a member of two stuffy men's social/lunch clubs here in DC. Both also had athletic facilities, including indoor pools. I always thought it was a little odd yet a little fun too to go swimming there as it was practically a given that one would swim naked. Everyone did it. Now, alas, both clubs have started to admit women as members. So no more naked swimming there.
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Michael Jackson has a pool.
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from page six of the New York Post: THE city's foremost expert on men-only nude swimming, J.P. Morgan analyst Dana Vachon, 26, just inked a deal with Riverhead Books at Viking/Penguin for two novels. The first is a coming-of-age story set among Manhattan's jaded and gilded youth. Five publishers bid in an auction last week conducted by Vachon's agent, David Kuhn. Described as a "young Tom Wolfe" and a "Gen-Y Jay McInerney," Vachon wrote last week's New York Times article about nude bathing at the Racquet Club and University Club. Both elite swimming holes are apparently conducting a witch-hunt to find out which member snuck in the young journalist.
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A few years ago, after a high school reunion in Roanoke, my wife and I went to very famous resort in western Virginia, the Homestead, to spend three days. It was beautiful, but not really our kind of place; nature, golf, sports, trails, etc. We are city folk. We were bored after one day. Longing for something interesting to do, we took the hotel bus for a side trip to nearby Warm Springs, to go swimming in the very ancient Jefferson pools, mineral baths over 200 years old. I understand that Robert E. Lee's wife, who suffered from arthritis, was a frequent visitor. She sat in a chair and had to be lowered into the pool. We rode over with four others, a Urologist from Iran, now practicing in Washington, his wife and his two daughters, in their late teens. Of course, I took my bathing suit, as I planned to try out the waters. There are now separate pools for men and women. To my great surprise, when I went in, I saw 4-5 other men in the pool or lounging nearby; none of them wearing anything at all. I did not know what to do at first, but finally decided against the bathing suit; it would make me stand out too much. So I undressed and spent the next hour in the pool, talking to the doctor. If you have to be naked with another man, a Urologist is best, I think. At my wife's pool, all the ladies wore bathing suits.
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l would never ever swim naked in front of another man. lt is not because l'm insecure about my manhood (l have no reason to be, believe me ), it just seems a strange thing to do. l would be afraid of male perves checking me out down stairs. ln my old workplace there used to be this old bloke (62) who used to check out guys dicks in the tiolet urinal. He was a dirty old perve. He used to masterbate in the tiolets over guys dicks. l made sure he never saw mine. Bill was a perve. He used to openly talk about how big guys dicks at work were.
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So what's the big deal, when I was a kid I swam at the Y, since it was men only, it was nude swimming/steam/sauna. Nobody thought anything of it. Who cares if somebody checks you out "downstairs", what do you care? I've been to Europe and almost all public pools in Germany and Scandinavia have clothing optional areas. Nobody cares, well, except most Americans, who are not used to seeing naked bodies anywhere anytime. Say what you want, I think it is usually fear, of comparrison/competition or just general insecurity. Ya wanna look, you won't see anything different here.
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