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Smedley on STP

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Was thinking maybe this would be good to bum around the house in and with jeans (I'd like a "sweatshirt" that doesn't fade and get stiff after three washings please -- I'm talking to you GAP).   LA Guy, I know you're going to come back with "you could get the same thing at American Apparel." BTW, I like the charcoal one.
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Why give money to STP when you can get the same Smedley stuff for $20-$30 less from Virtual Clothes Horse? http://search.stores.ebay.com/search....=search
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Looks decent. I personally would prefer a slimmer cut (say, by Helmut Lang) in a darker color and heavier fabric, but hey, I'm not you now, am I?
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Knits and the sweatshirts are different. I think that the STP is actually a sweatshirt - i.e. made from cotton jersey - rather than a knit.
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I own the Smedley sweatshirt and it's underwhelming. The cuffs stretch out and get loose, the cotton might be Sea Island but it doesn't feel all that soft. My opinion, of course, but as I also bought it from STP thought I'd weigh in.
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I didn't know if it was knit or jersey -- I don't want the latter.  Good to know that it was reviewed poorly.  That'll save me some bucks. I'll check out Lance's stuff, BTW. I also prefer darker, more heathered, and heavier -- the chances I'd purchase the Smedley were about 1/10 prior to posting. Now they are zero.
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