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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post

Are you auditioning for the polyphonic spree?
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now I really want a cloak/cape again.....
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Originally Posted by obiter dictum View Post

Some more pictures in this post: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...57#post1856357

The leather is very nice, I'm a bit worried about the soles though. Might just be my inexperience with leather soled shoes shining through, but they seem to get frayed on the sides very easily.

I just saw the William Lennon site yesterday, a lot of interesting looking boots. Do you find they run fairly true to your regular boot size?
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife View Post
i am wearing a target shawl neck sweater over a flathead tee (thanks kiya) sugar cane hawaiis (now with logger buttons!) and bean boots i look like this: (o)(o) (_Y_)
Good look! I wear a tucked Boomerang ocbd, vintage army fatigues and adidas sneakers. Looks like this Ö (o)(o) (_Y_) [] []
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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post

jcrew o/ zara o/ jcrew, faconnable, alden

Very nice. Love the color pallette.

Need to roll this jacket into a 3/2.
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is that an EG flannel? Looks good, its what I wore today.
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J Crew Watchcap EG Flannel Workshirt Tanner SExDBxS09 denim W+H Dayton
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Nope, just some uniqlo one. im hunting for the perfect red flannel that goes with everything, but I cant find one that isnt totally lumberjack.
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adam, good stuff but that hat just makes it look weird imo...
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hah, yeah it wasn't really on my head in those pics. I ended up taking it off.
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Originally Posted by Listi View Post
I bought some new stuff (everything but the chucks) so I decided to wear it. Not the most exciting outfit, but so nice to not wear a coat and have a fit pic outside. My camera broke on my trip this weekend too... Annoying. LCD screen is busted so I just had to guess. Fendi Zara (Zara super slim vnecks have a really subtle V, cost like $20, and are like 17" pit-to-pit in a small... Highly recommended for the other stick-like people in this forum) Cheap Monday (Needta wear them so they're a little less painted.) Chucks
Did you size down those Cheap Mondays? Are those the Autobahn Steineren? Thought about copping, but I'll wait till they go on sale.
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This is flat out fantastic. The mustache, hair, shades combo plus the casual cool of updated American classics here is great. This epitomizes effortlessly cool.
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^love this sequence

baron's pic is some sort of contest winning shot
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post
Thanks for the kind words guys.

Yes Robbie, that is the Koto jacket! Saw it at UO for forty bucks last week and couldn't pass it up; it's surprisingly lightweight [great for me] and all the pockets and shit are a lot of fun. I also don't wear jeans a lot so I feel like I'm going to wear this to sort of compensate, hahah.
Shirt is Lucky brand sized down one; I would not attempt this if I were you, I just really liked the pattern and colorway and I got it cheap.
Belt is Uniqlo.
Pants are Raf x Raf.
Boots are J Crew.

Well done on the last 2 shots - it's as if you've approximated Junya runway looks into your own aesthetic. I'm trying to decide on a shockingly similar jacket to the Koto right now, and I sure as heck want a shirt that looks like this one. Is it the same as the one in your other photo with the hoodie?
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