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Fantastic as usual, vashin.
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^nice sig man that is hilarious, no wonder she's the ex
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hahaaha maaan
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No shit! It all went downhill from there....
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vanshin: yes! looks great! glad to see you posting again. good to see you rocking the TOJ. plus, missed your sda's. your pair is my favorite pair of jeans on this board. +1 on kunk and anyone liking warlok's latest. kzo's fit perfect, very solid look.
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Originally Posted by Hart View Post
You look like you've lost some weight, Mario.
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Damn, those ToJ varsities are so nice...
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Thanks for the comments guys, the ToJ varsities are nice. the Microcheck lining/herringbone sleeve lining is pretty cool.
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^Do you have a better / closer shot of it?
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I actually lent my buddy my camera but I'll see what I can do.
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damn I think I have to get one of those jackets now
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great fit on the jacket, Vashin. The snaps were playing tricks on me and I was asking myself if it somehow gained beige snaps, then realized that was the silver side and the wine snaps were just blending in nicely. (those wine snaps took me 4 days of begging, getting angrey, re-orders, and sitting drinking beer in a hut while waiting for them to be finally delivered, and no one else has a TOJ with wine snaps, LOL. fun fact there.)
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here are some shitty closeups, best I can do for now.
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shit, the varsity looks stunning. dismal, you gonna offer the varsity jacket is in any off the rack version once you can't customize your own? lack any sort of funding atm but am looking at getting my hands on one later on.
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varsity looks dope vashin
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