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Uniqlo undershirt FCUK v-neck Nudie Slim Jim Ben Sherman ankle boots
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Thanks for the compliments guys appreciate it , I agree over here is less hostile than sufu I still have love for both places. Familiar user names here also so its no biggie

robin good looks on site reading , looks like i will shed my ghost mask and be a regular here lol
damn if i could change my name that would be awesome though..
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just pm la guy and he'll change it
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Jskiss is here now? Fathers, lock up your white hipster daughters.
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Thanks Jet , will do. ahahaha i would never... or maybe i would lol aha Chrono whats going on my brother
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post
Just got back from NYC so I'm catching up on the feedback!

Thanks for the comments - regarding my fit it is indeed Band of Outsiders / SFx5EP / Jil Sander. I had to go in str8 SF-uniform steez to meet up with my people.

NYC crew are incredibly cool people - though this isn't surprising, I just didn't expect to get along so well as we did (well Vanna is not officially but honorary NYC). Had a lot of fun hanging out and getting to meet the men behind the internet personas.

Chrono - I don't have any future-steez in my spring/summer wardrobe. In fact it's all a pretty depressing mess right now on that front. All my good shit was acquired last winter, so I go from preppy summers to raffy winters!

We all get along surprisingly well, we definitely need to do it again. World wide SF MEET.
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looking into the light(its bright) h&m h&m gap somet clarks HERRO JOSHUA
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Damn. Influx of Lookbook kids to school the SF crew what what? Nice stuff Ducksauce. Welcome.
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Looking good everyone.
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Hate to break it to you Kunk, but you're actually starting to look like a normal dude.
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^ My thoughts exactly.
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rag+bone jacket
nico henley
julian red jeans
helmut lang sneakers
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What jeans are those duck sauce ? I like.
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