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Haven't posted a fit pic in ages. Edited out awkward blink/squint

looking good, scott. nice to see some posts of yours over here since i haven't checked sufu much in a few months. always enjoy your fits from gothy to more street stuff
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Ooh! Alex, that looks great!
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thanks alex, it's more my style, though i do plan on delving back into SOME gothy influences next year. either way, i always thought baggy trousers really suited you and this is no exception. next time you're in ny, we still need to get bbq.
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wtf is with alll these terrible first fits on the last page? People, LURK MORE
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Barker Harrison
Nudie Straight Sven
Z Zegna

My first look posted here. Need advise: what kind of hat will fit this look best?
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hey man you stole my look in your first pic
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scott, you're killing it. how old are the apc's, and is that junya shirt from FW09, or 08?
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uncontrol, thanks for that.

wmmk, apc's are 1.5 years old, 1 wash in the start to slow fading. i'll check, i think the shirt is from fw 08
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Originally Posted by Homeless_Haitian View Post
Sup, Composer_1777.
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whitely hat*drykorn undershirt*unconditional sweater*themata belt*lee jeans*prada boots*woolrich jacket
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The face of fashion week excess:

c. D'Heurtay.
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Fuuma, absolutely fantastic images.
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right one new avatar
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