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Shopping in philadelphia

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I'm going in be in Philly for a couple of days and would like some suggestions for stores to check out. I heard there's no sales tax in PA? How is Franklin Mills in terms of finding good quality merchandise at cheap(er) price? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Hi Don: Franklin Mills was OK when I went there. As I remember the Sak"s Off 5th has pretty good stuff, and the Last Call and Rack were OK. But as many of the members here have noted, it's catch-as-catch-can with outlet stores. For specialty stores there's Ventresca Ltd. in Jenkintown and Boyd's downtown. I like both, but have worked more extensively with Ventresca in the past (disclaimer), and would therefore head there first if it was me. Very personalized service- good range of brands. Sadly, both Allure and Wayne Edwards have closed in the last year or so. King of Prussia is an awesome mall- one of the 5 best in the US IMO. If you need specific contact info, I'd be happy to post.
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I don't agree with the previous response. First of all, I hated Edwards and I am glad it closed. It was never more than a respository for what I call" drug dealer" fashion, and the clientele and service reflected this. Franklin Mills is awful, definitely not worth the trip, and King of Prussia is like any other mall, with the typical representations and no surprises. Its only benefit is Nordstrom's. Though I have never been there, Paradise Pens sounds interesting. Boyds is the leading menswear store. It sells Santoni and Albaladejo shoes. Joseph's on 18th street sells Alden with a discount, though the selection they display is poor. Roberts on 13th and Walnut sells Seraphin jackets, Belvest suits, and Borelli shirts (they are a recent discovery). Lord and Taylor has good underwear under their house brand. Holt has a nice selection of fountain pens and smoking accessories. There is a Tower Records and Borders next to one another in the center of town. But that is absolutely it, and I am reaching with those last suggestions. Between Philadelphia and the Internet, believe me you can do better on the Internet.
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Boyd's is definitely the high priced clothing warehouse in Philly.I personally like Ventresca's in Jenkintown.I think Frank Ventresca knows what he's talking about and has a good representation of clothing.I'm fairly certain he carries Brioni, Corneliani and Zegna suits.I don't think he carries Canali.Most of his shoes are Moreschi and I think Cole Haan.Frank makes nice custom clothes.If you're interested in that, talk to him and see what you think. I think King of Prussia is a great mall.Has all the upscale department stores and many of the big name specialty shops.However,when you get down to it, K of P is still a mall and I don't buy much there unless it's on sale. I love Philly, grew up there and live there but for high end shopping, it ain't New York.
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Oh yeah, There is no sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania.Franklin Mills has Saks outlet and Neiman Marcus outlet.The Nordstrom's outlet closed.If you get lucky they do get nice things in those stores.I've seen Kiton coats in the N-M outlet and Barbera shirts at the Saks one.Also Pantherella socks at N-M.Might be a worth a look.
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