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For me, the "I just paid $150 for a pair of $3,000 Lobbs that fit perfectly" factor always crushes the "squeemish" factor. EBay is an amazing source for cheap shoes, both new and used.  I've found many shoes there that seem to have been worn just a handful of times.  In one case involving an admittedly old pair of EGs, I had had my local shoe repair shop (Sky Valet in DC) completely replace the old leather insole, with a very satisfactory result -- something that is always an option as well.  Finally, in 99% of the cases of shoes on EBay, it seems they have never been resoled.  So, how bad/old can they be?.  I expect shoes to last through 4 or 5 re-solings before they are past-prime and need to be retired.
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Wow, some pretty mixed opinions. orbitingio, I laughed. I'm a student so I have a pretty poor shoe budget. Buying used sounds like it can be pretty hit or miss. It would only be worth it if I actually wore the shoes, so I guess I'll go with my 'gut feeling'.
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(solzhenitsyn @ April 27 2005,21:43) Should I be concerned about the shoes already having 'molded' to the previous owners feet? Is it best to just stick to new/like new shoes?
DEFINATELY... Never wear used shoes... Besides from the moulding of the feet thingy; who wants wants another persons shoes full of sweat and all that. Used shoes are disgusting. P.S: people sweat [on average] a cup of sweat a day in shoes. YUK.
Shooman, I find that allegation that "people sweat (on average) a cup of sweat a day in shoes" very hard to swallow. I don't know whether you mean a cup in each shoe or both shoes...but do you really believe that wearing a pair of shoes all day, even in the hottest weather, would be as harmful and destructive as pouring half a cup of brine into a shoe and letting the lining and insole get sodden? I should think any pair of shoes, regardless of quality, would be ruined after a very few such treatments. Please elaborate and comment, O gr8man.
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Buying nice used shoes with the rich man's daily cup o' sweat in them allows me to squeeze the remnants of that wealthy perspiration out of the shoe and drink it up, so that one day even I may become prosperous.
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M. le Duc (Votre Grace): If you live in Neuilly you can't be that poor...
Peut-être que c'est un duc concierge d'immeuble .
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(Fabienne @ April 28 2005,07:53) Can you please comment on how the Aubercy and the Weston age?
IMO, Westons crease more than, say, Crockett & Jones or Alden.
And this has to do with the suppleness of the leather? I suppose Blake stitching would make a shoe more prone to creasing as well?
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Quote (mack11211 @ April 27 2005,22:48) Some will buy used shoes; some will not.  Fewer will buy used shoes than will buy used suits, for example, so used shoes usually sell for relatively little. Shoes can't be dry-cleaned.
Sez you.
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Well, for Fabienne the twos pairs of Aubercy are fine both. I bought it 14 years ago and they were more than 3-5 years old. Very nice Vintage look. The Weston is a pair of "Mocassin" (Penny Loafer) and they have 25 years plus the age when I bought it ... The skin is just superb... I shine it every month like cristal ..... I recommand you to buy old used pair of shoes .
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Would it be too much to ask for pictures? No creasing on the Aubercy?
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I have done it and lived to tell the tale. I would buy used again.
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I have heard so many contradictory opinions of shoe quality at this point...I don't know what to think. Weston creases. Weston doesn't crease. Aubercy good after 25 years. Aubercy bad after 1 year.
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Weston creases.  Weston doesn't crease.
John A. Mine did (I had 3 pairs in the '80s bought one year) and I don't think Duke of Windsor said his didn't crease. To most, though, creasing may not be a big deal or have that much to do with quality. Stiffer shoes crease less (for example, my corrected grain Church shoes creased less than any shoe I've ever owned and much less than the Westons, but no-one here including the shoe mavens say anything good about Church "Bookbinder" quality in comparison to Weston).
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Demi-chasse 20 ans d'age
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Corthay - creases
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