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what do you wear? what do you like?
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I have a gold chain around my neck with the "Chai" symbol, which means "life" in Hebrew.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Argyle View Post
I have a gold chain around my neck with the "Chai" symbol, which means "life" in Hebrew.

It also looks extremely close to Pi.
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I have a long leather necklace that I wear from time to time, it's mostly a sentimental thing. I suppose if I ever found a ring I really liked I'd wear one but no dice thus far. My grandfather has a tigers eye ring that I'm supposed to inherit, it's a little gaudy for my tastes though, maybe I'd make a necklace out of it. When I was freshman I wore a lot of leather cuffs and bracelets and shit like that. Then for a while I had a sailors knot around my ankle....those were really just phases anyway, hahah.
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I have a jade necklace with my name written in Chinese on it. I also wear a ring I got from Aldo.
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Silver Claddagh necklace Tiffany Mesh Ring from the intial collection. Newer versions are very pronouncedly feminine.
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I've been wanting some Phenomenon Beyond Description stuff for a long time, super expensive though... one day. The guy makes all of it from 1964 mint coins, which have the highest silver content.
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Holy crap, is that a bullet hole in kennedy's head? Must have.
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interesting stuff sci-fi
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Mudalyunz n' amulutz
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cool stuff
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IWC, Breguet, vintage Longines, Glashutte Orginal or Louis Vuitton watch, small Cartier watch that belonged to my grandmother. Copper/steel chain necklace Small gold class ring that belonged to my grandmother Woven gold and elk ivory ring that belonged to my grandmother Philip Crangi steel and 18k yellow and rose gold bracelets Werkstat triple ring
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Only jewelry I wear is a vintage quartz pendant on a leather necklace that my mum lets me borrow (it's worth a bit surprisingly). I have a Tissot watch thats broken which I will get fixed one of these days, but until then, just the pendant.
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any suggestions for subtle/inexpensive pieces?
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Pendant I pretty wear: Cuff I wear pretty infrequently (gotta love buying shit you don't like on heavy discount): Rogues Gallery Before they rose their prices through the roof: Wrap Bracelet: I want a ring, any suggestions sub 200 dollars.
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