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A lady friend is going to Milan and asked about shopping. I don't know that many places for women's, any suggestions? Recommendations on restaurants would be nice too.
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There are several threads here and on AA about shopping in Milan. The default answer is the fashion triangle including Via della Spiga, just north(?) of Duomo. This is high-end stuff, though, for the most part. So unless she's loaded, I'd recommend window shopping for ideas. We always walk that area, but seem to have more fun bustling through the crowds at the street markets. I can't call the name of the street off the top of my head, right now, but will try to find it for you. Giona or some other local will know. Restaurants: It's hard to go wrong. We've had better food in many train stations and truck stops than in many Italian restaurants here. Then again, I live in Dallas. There are many I could walk you to, but have never noticed their name. Sorry. I'm a big fan of, though, for ANY travel information you can possibly want answered. is my other hangout. Where is she staying? We always stay The Westin Palace on Piazza della Repubblica, which is halfway between the main train station and the aforementioned shopping district.
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Thanks Jill. I pass the websites on to my friend. Looking through those sites makes me want to go there immediately...
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The street market Jill is talking about is on Via Papiniano... open on Tuesday and Saturday. Get off at the San Agostino metro stop. Another place to check if she is on a budget is the "ingrosso" area near the train station.
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Restaurants in Milano: Westin is one of the nicest Hotels in Milano; Hotel in front of the Westin is one of the nicest in the world. Streets Markets are every saturday morning in many areas of Milano. Spanish oranges, German sausages and Chinese clothes.
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