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$14,000 Oxxford cashmere overcoat

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I'd believe this if it were vicuna or it said $4,000 rather than $14,000.... It does look very nice though.... Very nice. The labels are unlike any of seen used before on an Oxxford overcoat; plus, since when is Oxxford using Loro Piana fabric?
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Hmmm-I'm not so sure its an authentic Oxxford.Exactly my thoughts-Since when do they use Loro Piana cloth?? The label appears like it was sewn on as an afterthought.I have a number of Oxxford cashmere coats and they call their own exclusive line "Khaiber" or "Crown" cashmere.
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Oxxford uses LP cloth for some its RTW suits, such as the Super 120s currently in stock in the NY store.
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I've never seen Oxxford use the clothmaker's label but I could believe it for Loro Piana Cashmere. What I would not be so inclined to believe is the placement. In EVERY Oxxford jacket I have ever seen or sold (Hundreds) the Oxxford label is on one side and the fabric type is on the other side. I've also never seen Oxxford tack their label in the 4 corners instead of the usual gold thread zigxagged around the edge I've also never seen the "Neiman Marcus Designer Collections" label on an Oxxford. See in on Mani, seen it on Valentino, seen it on lots of other things... ain't seen it on Oxxford. Not calling the seller a fraud because I don't know where he got it and he might not know what he's got but I have never, ever, after reviewing probably 1000 or more oxxfords EVER seen this labelling. I'd bid only with the assurance from the seller of authenticity. You can move labels around but you can't fake oxxford. Money back if not authentic or don't bid. If I had to bet I'd say that this one is not the real article - if it is then it's one heck of a bargain.
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My guess is that this is just a cashmere coat under the NM designer collections that was made in USA with a LP fabric. The Oxxford was probably just sewn on. Oxxford has its own "Cashmere" label --- not to mention a silhouette that doesn't resemble an Oxxford. The picture of the buttonhole on the lapel is a giveaway --- Oxxford uses tri-twisted yarn (much thicker) for embroidary and at a wider interval (about 18 to 19 stitches in the 1 1/8" lapel buttonhole). Just my observations.
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I question whether it's authentic. I agree with Carlo that the label is off. It might have been added. The lapel buttonhole doesn't look like Oxxford. Furthermore, an Oxxford cashmere overcoat goes for about $4,000. No way does it go for $14,000.
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Looks like nice cashmere, but I doubt that it's Oxxford, however little I am familiar with their clothing.
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Well, it's all been said by Carlo and naturlaut so I'll just agree. I think the only thing you could be certain of with this coat is that the label itself was made by Oxxford at some point in time. And naturlaut is quite right to point to the lapel buttonhole. Aside from the technical details, the Oxxford lapel buttonhole is cut in an extremely distinctive way--long and at an unusual angle to the lapel. Every Oxxford jacket or coat I've ever seen could be identified solely by the lapel buttonhole. The buttonhole here is quite generic. But, my goodness, there's been a bid. Maybe I should put up some of my $15, 000 Henry Maxwell shoes.
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Dropped a note to the seller - politely, not to be a prick because if it is what I suspect it may well have been passed to him as is rather than a case of "I have an extra Oxxford label and a great idea" ...if it isn't the real thing and he sells it to someone who knows better he's in trouble. You can't fake an Oxxford convincingly... well, you can - but you'd be charging an Oxxford price if you did. The labelling inside the breast pocket will clear it up in about... 3 nanseconds.
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I may well have been wrong.... here was his reply: _ Hello, I initially had my doubts also, but I called a friend who works for Neiman Marcus and had him take a look at it. He told me that Oxxford usually uses yellow thread, but that's not always the case. It has 2 other Oxxford tags in other places, one being the inside of the inside breat pocket Aside from that he looked in the old internal catalogue, and this coat was in there. Best Regards, Adam
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Well, then, I'm bidding for sure...  (Uhh, kidding -- I'd like to stay married). The Law & Order thing actually had me pretty convinced it was for real, though the tag is a bit odd.  I think the lapel buttonhole looks pretty on as well. Look at the left side of the buttonhole. The side stitch is basically perpendicular to the buttonhole, and the side stitch is quite prominent -- that's Oxxford.
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Why do you guys doubt that Oxxford would ever use Loro Piana cloth? LP makes the best outerwear. Dozens of companies use the LP Storm System fabric... from RL to BB.
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MIke - don't doubt that they would use it but they usually don't put the fabric maker's label in a garment - they give it their own internal name and sell it as OXXFORD. That's why I said I COULD see them making an exception for LP Cashmere since it has such cachet... Actually, there are some better cashmeres IMHO but LP is excellent - I have a storm system cashmere overcoat and it's wonderful. Wasn't a slap at LP, simply pointing out that Oxxford doesn't advertise who the cloth in their garments is from (and quite honestly does not need to, an Oxxford label pretty much says all you need to say)
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That's why I said I COULD see them making an exception for LP Cashmere since it has such cachet... Actually, there are some better cashmeres IMHO but LP is excellent - I have a storm system cashmere overcoat and it's wonderful.
Keep in mind they have different grades of cashmere they sell. There is not just a "one size fits all LP cashmere." The cashmere they use in LP sweaters is quite different from the LP cashmere used in J. Crew sweaters. What they don't tell you about is the 2% rabbit hair mixed in to make it feel softer. Which also leads to more pilling. The best cashmere is from Cucinelli. They really only buy the best pure white cashmere directly from the source. Many distributers dye their cashmere white and try to pass it off as such. Agreed that the Storm System fabric is badass.
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Mike - Very true. We got a pretty good tour when we visited LP in Biella last year. My favorite for an overcoat though is the stuff we got from Carlo Barbera - same stuff they were selling to Brioni for overcoats. Darren's making it into an overcoat for Jill with a sable collar (apologies to anti-fur folks... a tubular rat looking thing was wearing my baby's collar, he had to die, plain and simple). To be fair I don't know Cucinelli so can't compare.
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