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(johnnynorman3 @ April 27 2005,14:34) Doesn't look like it has a stripe at all.  Looks like a subtle prince of wales weave.
I think you're right, my monitor made it look like a stripe.  How does a Prince of Wales weave differ from a glen plaid?
from the ben silver site:
GLEN URQUHART CHECK - Widely misnamed 'Prince of Wales' after Duke of Windsor who wore it often when Prince of Wales. For authentic version see PRINCE OF WALES CHECK. Authentic Glen Urquhart is actually only in black and white - with no colored overcheck - though popular misusage has come to embrace such in the title. Strictly, these latter can be loosely described as 'Glen' checks. PRINCE OF WALES CHECK - Name widely but wrongly applied to the Glen Urquhart check and similar checks with a colored overcheck. These were popularized by the Duke of Windsor when he was Prince of Wales. The authentic Prince of Wales Check was designed by King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales, as livery for his shootings at Abergeldie House on Scotland's Deeside. It is of similar pattern to the Glen Urquhart but nearly twice its size on the repeat, and far too big to illustrate here. Its authentic colors are red-brown on a white ground, with a slate-grey overcheck.
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Does that look like a long to anyone else?
My recent experience with Zegna OTR is that the suits run about 1" longer than most other makers. It does look a touch long in the picture. I can wear a R in Zegna, but have to wear L in most.
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I'd disagree with that. I actually find Zegna run true to length, if not a dab short. Normally the pants are hiked up the mannequin, which might give the illusion of extra length in the coat.
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I'm pretty sure these are the measurements for a 58R.
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Hold on. The measurement is 32" from the bottom of the collar. Definitely a long.
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I measured a Zegna 56 today that is 32 inches from the bottom of the collar.
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Are you serious?
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Well, 31, but it was originally 32, tailor had to pull up an inch to remove excess fabric that was bunching at the top.
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So the length is 31. Removing the bunching doesn't remove an inch from the length. This suit is going to be too long for you if your 56 Zegna fits.
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Are you sure? You certainly know more about this than I do and I will take your advice, but the sleeve lengths are also right for me. Also, when the tailor was taking out the bunching, he pulled up an inch of fabric and pinned it at the shoulder seam. I thought this would shorten the length of the back. For the longest time I was buying 56R and my tailor finally convinced me I was 58R, and when I tried one on it fit much better.
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Wait on Manton to chime in on this, but it shouldn't affect the length, or at least not the "effective" length. Think about it -- the bunched fabric isn't draping down, it's basically just sticking out. So removing it doesn't decrease length, or at least not by the full amount. How tall are you? A 33.5" coat is going to be really long unless you are at least 6'1" or 6'2".
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I'm as close to 6' as one could be without being 6'. So, I'm pretty much 5'11.9999999" tall (damn that last .0000001"). The 56R that I referrenced earlier doesn't make it down to the curve in my fingers when I curl under the skirt of the jacket, it's about .75" short. Edit: As the sleeve length is correct for a Regular, I was thinking that he might have measured from the top of the collar.
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That's actually a pretty long sleeve for a suit -- I'm 5'10" and wear a 35" shirt sleeve and I will go 24.75" max on a suit sleeve. I think this is likely a mistagged long.
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Well, in that case I'll probably skip this one and hold onto my money. I feel like my sartorial knowledge is there, I'm just not confident enough with it to feel comfortable ordering on eBay all the time. That blazer I got was just too good a deal to pass up; probably the only reason I ordered it. Any idea why there are so few 58Rs available on Ebay?
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Hops - Write Brian. Let him know that you THINK it should work but want the right to a refund if your tailor decides it can't. Tell'm Chuck told you to ask and Chuck says to take care of you. He'll take care of you if he knows that you know what you are doing.
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