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Ethical dilemma related to T&A

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As described here a while ago, I had an unhappy and terminal experience with my last T&A order.  After numerous trips into town, measurements, photos, sample shirts, and much delay, I was told to launder the second sample shirt and bring it into the shop...where alterations would be performed.  Those alterations would make the "bespoke" shirt fit.  I threw in the towel; I asked for and received a refund. I was never instructed to return the sample shirt.  It hung in the closet for months and then I said what the hell and have worn it twice.  The fit at the waist is blousy but I wore it for shooting and it worked OK.  I think that you can see my dilemma.  Must I go the the store and offer to pay for it? I am tempted to say "screw them" for performing poorly and wasting my time and tying up my money, but I have this nagging sense that I cannot consider myself a gentleman if I don't pony up, or at least offer to do so.  That's my thought at the moment but I am willing to be talked out of it.  What do you think?  Bill
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A general guideline I follow in resolving conflicts of an ethical nature is the following: when you get to the point of asking someone if your behavior is the right thing to do, it signals that you are uncomfortable and should remedy the situation. While this is a very general guide, I've found it keeps me on a path that I find works for me. Best wishes, John
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They have no use for the shirt, and it seems to me like you've 'paid' for it enough already with your time, trouble and travel. You have not tried to deceive them about the shirt. I would consider it collateral damage of the experience. As johnw86 says, however, if it bothers you then give them a call. I can't imagine they would tell you anything other than to keep it.
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You were not asked to return the shirt, which is useless to anyone else, and you were not dishonest or deceitful. I believe you acted ethically and there is no need to take any further action.
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While I agree with previous posters that your actions pass the ethical smell test, I still think it admirable that you don't view the shirt as your automatic right under the admittedly lamentable circumstance. It seems to me that a quick phone call would do much as a palliative for your concerns.
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Fuck em. For the hassle they put you through, the least they could do is give you a free shirt.
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I'd be surprised if they had any need for the shirt. But make the phone call. BTW, they just botched my second sample shirt-- in ways completely unrelated to the flaws on the first. And this was in spite of being lent a shirt to copy. So I will soon have to make a similar choice. At this stage, it shouldn't be too hard to scare up a third sample without any additional fitting, so I'll play the string out. But there does come a time...
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How come everyone who posts on this board has had problems with T&A's custom shirting program???
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Are you a shareholder? Seriously, I'm not Marc Grayson, and I didn't go looking for trouble. And I'm not really PO'd yet--- just perplexed.
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No, no, I'm not upset at people posting negative reactions. I'm upset at T&A for fukking up so much.
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I have yet to read a single positive comment about their custom program. Are there any satisfied customers out there?
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They screwed me too, just to chime in. I dont order shirts from them at all anymore.
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Phil, what was their attitude when you complained? Did you have any trouble getting a refund?
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it went like this: I ordered about 4 shirts at each order. At least 1 would come back wrong. Either the wrong pattern, the wrong collar, the wrong size. It was starting to take longer and longer to get the orders, at the longest, at least 7 months. They would always recify the situation, but often times it was at least a year after I placed the original order. The last straw was an order for 5 shirts, totalling about $1500.00. After 7 months I got the shirts. I was charged and they were sent to me. All 5 were wrong. They tried their usual thing of offerering to fix them, but I was starting to get very annoyed. They had my $1500 and I wasnt prepared to have them keep that money while they were fixing my shirts. I talked to the manager who refunded my money, and I havent been back since. I have taken all my shirt business to Brooks, and have been extremely pleased with the results. A shame really, since I really enjoy the store, the people who work there, and the quality of the shirts. The BB shirts are not as well made, but they come in 3 weeks, and are made well and correctly every single time.
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Yes, that is something I CANNOT understand about T&A: How can they fuck up so much? Over and over again, and still stay in business? I mean, they have been making shirts for the entire length of the 20th century, survived 2 world wars, and are still known worldwide as the "˜finest' English shirting company, but yet they been unable to live up to that standard. And they seem to raise prices every year, taking them higher and higher, to almost astronomical levels without any justification. Alas, I think if T&A could produce their shirts correctly the first time around, and in a quick turnaround time they would indeed live up to their reputation. Jon.
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