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Club Monaco

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So there is a Club Monaco opening in Minneapolis. Is it worth checking out? Anything to differentiate from banana or j crew? The reason I ask is its opening in Mall of America which I look forward to going to as much a dentist.
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Kind of like a J Crew, BR, Polo, just more monochromatic. It's not really worth checking out, although their sales (at least in Canada) can be pretty good for basics. A.
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Essentially just a more urban Banana Republic - some decent basics, and the cuts are better than BR, imo, but my overall impression is boring, boring, boring, and not particularly well made stuff. There is a reason it is opening a store in the Mall of America.
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Reminds me a lot of Express. I'd call it bland Eurotrash.
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I've always thought I liked Club Monaco, and I do go there semi-frequently probably due to how many of there are in this city. But now that I think of it, Ive only bought two things there, ever, none of which I still wear. I think I jsut like the architecture or decor of it. Nonetheless, I would hold it above Banana Republic because although plain, or boring, it rarely breaches the lines of hideousness the way BR do (particularly in their shirts). So as to your question, i'd say yes, it is worth checking out.
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Club Monaco is OK. I could take it or leave it. Not really my style, but not horrible.
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Mildly worth checking out, if only as an index of how deeply certain trends have permeated popular fashion. I think Ralph Lauren owns it, btw.
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Club Monaco is in the midst of an expansion. It's nothing special, but a good place to pick up some decent quality basics on sale. They heavily discount their items, and you can end up with belts for $9, shirts for $19 and pants for $25. They tend to take whatever trend is popular (albeit a season or two late) and add their own twist to it. This is especially true of the women's line, which often knocks Prada in the most obvious of ways. People compare it to BR, but BR is a more conservative. If you are tired of the ubiquity of BR, CM is defintely a nice alternative and not trashy at all. I have a trench that I bought from there 3 years ago for $39 and I always get complemented on it.
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it's one of those stores i always go into but rarely/never buy anything from the only purchase i made in the years i've been checking it out is a thin navy cardigan with white/red trim that is very nice in a mod as fuck way. like BR, it's one of those stores where the gear just falls short of something i'd buy
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FYI - I believe Club Monaco is actually owned by Polo/Ralph Lauren. I seem to recall them buying it a few years ago as a way to get into the entry-level clothing market and as a way to add an additional brand. This may also explain some of the design choices. EDIT - Sorry Mack - didn't see that you had already revealed this connection.
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like BR, it's one of those stores where the gear just falls short of something i'd buy
Exactly. I've been in there a few times but every time I find something I like, there's one detail that ruins it. Like the rolled type nonelastic cuffs, or a weird "funky" zipper, etc. In the case of BR, it's usually the fit that ruins things for me. I don't WANT to look like the Verizon guy. Can't we just cut things right? Even their small size sweaters are like a 44" in the chest, where the rest fits well. Ugh.
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i'll agree with you guys, club monaco is pretty boring. i still prefer banana republic to it, the colors are more eye-catching.
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