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Anyone know a tailor for sleeve buttonholes?

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thought it might be a benefit to the forum if someone could identify a tailor who could produce quality, handstitched buttonholes for working sleeve cuffs/ surgeon's cuffs. I'd like to find one who could receive a jacket in the mail, hand-stitch the buttonholes and buttons, then send it back.
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I recently saw a fairly well-known figure in menswear wearing a suit on which he left two sleeve buttons undone on the right sleeve and one sleeve button undone on the left sleeve.  It looked rather odd.
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Ahhhhhhhhhh...........yeah..........that'd be greaaaaaaaaat.... Not sure how this is related to my question of finding a tailor who can hand-stitch functional sleeve buttonholes, but...ok.
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Sorry, I failed to answer the question at hand. Sorry I can't be of any help here. Just had to mention the odd thing I saw recently.
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I am using a tailor in Hong Kong which used to make suits from scratch but is now spending most of his time doing alterations. He can do the working sleeve buttonhole stuff. A question for u guys: is it proper to have sleeve buttonholes finished for a suit-jacket style leather coat in the same way as those for a suit-jacket?
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I'm using one in Stockholm and will see the results after the weekend. Not that it's going to help you in any way but since BanksMiranda got to answer why not I.... B
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My tailor added working machine-finished button holes for 65 dollars. Afterwords he told me he would have done hand-sewn button holes for 100. There is a small difference but not much between the hand-sewn button holes on the Isaia and the machine-made button holes. What is the opinion of the forum?
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Foxx I had working buttonholes put on my Isaia tux and the Kiton I got from you. IMO, they look fine, and of the two tailors I go to, I use one (John DeSousa) for the more difficult work, as he makes suits from scratch (bespoke) and the other stopped doing that years ago. DeSousa loved putting them in and charged a ridicuous $5 per hole. As far as I know, he did it by hand. That being said, I've decided against working buttonholes in the future. The concensus on this forum and Ask Andy is that the buttons should always be buttoned. So, what's the point? If you want, I can give you his Phone # and you can speak with him directly about having him doing the work.
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I can think of at least three here in Washington, DC: Geoffrey Lewis, George de Paris and Field Custom Tailors. I've had it done by Geoffrey Lewis for about $80/suit (I've had it done on three suits). Though I'd guess there about 50+ tailors who would do a good job doing this task. I imagine all three of the above tailors would do it by mail, though they'd certainly charge well for it. Plus, it seems odd to me that you'd have one tailor do your sleeve adjustments and then another in a far-off city do the button holes. Except for someone who lives in Timbuktu or small town Iowa, finding a tailor to do this should be simple - ask around, or look in the phone book.
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I live in a small Ohio rural town midway between Fort Wayne,In. and Columbus Oh ( east to west) and Toledo Oh, Dayton Oh, ( North to South ) . The two tailors i use both offer this service. They both offer Bespoke services. AS mentioned any tailor doing made to measure and Bespoke should offer working buttonholes. My main tailor ( he used to work for oxxford btw) will sew non working button holes for 5.00 or ( for me anyhow) or 30.00 per suit. < for 8 buttons> Or working button holes for 12.00 or 60.00 per suit ( I have always gotten other alterations with them though ) May I suggest if it is a suit you may not keep or if one goes on the presumption that buttons should always be KEPT buttoned that you just get the faux or nonworking button holes? That way if you ever decide to upgrade or change your wardrobe it is easier for the new owner to get alterations. Respectfully, John G.
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How hard would it be to just cut the slit open in one of the fake buttonholes, stitch around the edge of the slit by hand, and sew the button to the fabric underneath?
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