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congrats. can you share with us a little bit of what your disertation was about?
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Congratulations, Koji
Shouldn't it be DR. Koji? Congrats.
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Congratulations, Koji-sama.
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Dr. Koji is probably the best dressed doctor. what an accomplishment.
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that's great news. I've been having this pain in my elbow...what's that? A piano doctor? Well, I never.
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Congratulations, Dr Koji.
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That is wonderful, Koji... Congratulations. Few people are able to do what you do; you should be very proud. Congrats again.
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Dr. Koji... My hero... (P)iled (h)igher and (D)eeper... You da man, Koji. Best of luck to you.
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Congratulations Koji. It's a heck of an achievement and you deserve all the praise you're getting.
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Congratulations, Dr. Atwood. Just one step closer to that major label record contract, and then the tour, and the groupies... Give me a shout when you hit Seattle, we'll party at the Edgewater.
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Ummm. Are you the doctor we call for piano tuning? My sincerest congratulations. If anyone deserved it, your music certainly did.
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Congrats.  Well done. I defend mine in about a week but I am going with a Carlo Franco tie.  So the competition is on Carlo Franco v. FIH.  If I don't pass I'm sure it will be the tie... I was told that in about 2-3 years you can stomach to look at your disseration again - just put it on a shelf until then - for me it will be at least that long.  Style Forum has proven to be a great diversion... Again congrats.
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Congratulations. (And don't put it on the shelf for too long--you'd be surprised how quickly things change--with the possible exception of certain historical topics and dead languages...)
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Congratulations Dr. Koji... That is great news - enjoy - celebrate - have a great time - and we already know you'll look great while doing so. Bradford
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