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Need your opinion on this Kiton suit

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Thread Starter I think this is the best looking kiton suit that I ever seen on eBay. Of course, I cannot tell if this is an authentic Kiton suit or not just from the pics, but so far I have feeling that this looks legit to me. All the measurments surely sound like it's going to fit me like a glove. Is $2000 US too much to pay? I think S150 Kiton suits go as low as about $3200CDN at a Harry Rosen outlet (if you can even find one). So, $2000US is still a good deal for this superlative suit, don't you think so?.
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"Stilmacher" used to sell on EBay under the name of "Lauenborg", also with very positive feedback. Very expensive starting prices but all high quality merchandise. Kiton is now retailing for over $5,000 at Bergdorf. Be sure of the measurements, and good luck. It's a beautiful suit.
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It's real...and it's spectacular. koji
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Great silhouette.
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Wow... Thats the problem with this board. Nothing you own will ever be good enough again. K
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Manton, didn't you write in your famous post on silhouettes that Attolini had the highest gorge ever?
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Highest gorge that I know of RTW. I've seen higher bespoke.
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This Kiton has a very high gorge, doesn't it? If Attolini is higher and some bespoke even more, do you still you it in the front of is it on the shoulders or in the back?
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That guy always sells the nicest ebay-threads.
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It's real...and it's spectacular. koji
Don't get me wrong... Jon.
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That's purty. Also quite real. Took a few interesting pictures of another Kiton 180's last night to help explain something on another thread. Check this out - Check how tiny the stitches are on the back of the lapel where the canvas is sewn in...... Here is the inside of the shoulder, same jacket. That 180's is a beautiful fabric but it must be a @(($# to work with... Kiton's handsewers know their business.
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Wow.. If it were my size, I wouldn't think twice.
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