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Wearing girls jeans in the very late 90's and early 2000's was more commonplace simply because men's jeans hadn't caught up with the low/slim fit. There's not much need for it anymore.
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I'm 5'11", 130 lbs, very small waist so I bought a few and still wear them time-to-time. Trying to phase them out via replacing them with Japanese jeans.
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Originally Posted by Oddly Familiar View Post
I wear girls jeans. What's the big deal about it? A lot of the guys at my school make fun of me, but hey, they are so comfortable and they actually fit me. Besides that, I got tired of big, baggy jeans. Mine aren't tight at all, maybe comparable to the less tight wranglers. Plus, all the girls compliment my pants.

What size are you??
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i wear girls jeans an i mean skinnys,
i dont see anything wrong with it

if it dosnt hurt you downstairs then why not?
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Great second post, onlysamcan.
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That was actually his first post.

I hope to be seeing more of that same insight in the coming posts.
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I have found some jeans for my husband that are perfect ! the first one is from levis they are the 550 relaxed ( womens)

The fit him superb! and look really good . when he walks around him they do no fall off his rear end as most mens jeans do . He loves the fit and feel of them. Most of us would thing woman's jeans are not right for a guy because of the cut and size , However that is so not true in-fact women jeans fit men better than any jeans made. He wears these jeans to work out and no one ever knows any different.

Woman's jeans are made with a different material that is long over due to be seen in mens jeans . The 550s are perfect for both a man and a women. The other jeans that is really good on a man is from old navy they are called the flirt . These jeans are under 30 bucks and fit him so good its not even funny .

you see womens jeans can fit so many ways if you like them tight you but a tight pair , if you like them snug you buy a snug pair . if you like them relaxed you go up a size , every one seems to really think women jeans just wont work for a guy and the truth is they work better than any mens jeans produced .Now grant it the really feminine looking ones probably are not the way to go but they do fit well . I have bought him some major brands and they really look good on him but he wont wear them out because of the pocket designs. He likes the way they move and give instead of crushing and cutting off circulation like mens do mens jeans that fit men are way to big bulky and baggy

Until a major brand actually steps up and puts a mens tag on the very same jeans it will carry a stigma because here in America most people are to worried about what some one may think or what would the jones's say?.

Truth is my husband wears them and likes it he looks good in them and the ones he wears in public no one can tell the difference . other than wow those fit really well .

So i say to enjoy it , its only pants nothing beats a good fitting pair , I know i don't want to see a guy in poor fitting pants that are always falling off or all bunched up in the rear like there is yesterdays newspaper in there to.
Lots of times when my husband an i are wearing the same jeans we can not keep our hands off each-other so its kinda fun to . Something like this can spice up an older couple . Jeans are a great thing . men deserve some that fit and feel as good as ours!

Small little things can change things in a drastic way . so buy your guy a pair of levis (women) today or old navy flirts Or perhaps a major brand for all the Label shoppers!!!
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thanks to ginainny we can just do away with the "I have a jean..." thread now.
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Honestly, with how slim you can get jeans just about anywhere now, there's no longer a real reason for this.
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Girls still normally have better access to colors and washes. Which is prolly why April 77 and Cheap Monday call many of their models unisex.
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I wear guys jeans.
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Originally Posted by Desi View Post
Girls still normally have better access to colors and washes. Which is prolly why April 77 and Cheap Monday call many of their models unisex.

I disagree because the majority of jeans that are popular outside of SF make denim for both men and women (7FAM, R&R, Joe's Jeans. etc.)
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guys have access to colors too they just choose to avoid these like the plague
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wait? are you saying that girls don't have a wider variety of colors and washes to choose from compared to men?
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I find it hard to believe that a guy couldn't find a couple pairs of men's jeans that fit them well out there. There are tons of different cuts and styles to choose from. I don't see why you would need to resort to girls jeans.

I know a lot of "rock stars" in the past wore them, but that's different. When you are a musician you go for a certain outlandish look.
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