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FOR SALE: One girlfriend, best offer, will ship to your location at my expense.
Chuck, don't you have Jill's prom pictures?
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Not only "No", but....
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perhaps this was the fashion of the day, but are you wearing some kind of small animal as a wig?
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Yeah, whatever crew cut boy.... at least, much like Sam Malone, I still have great hair 20 years later :-) Jill's prom pictures coming... lemme find a real embarassing one first so I can make the ebay ad to sell her online.
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This thread is becoming "What were you wearing at the prom?", competing with "What are you wearing right now?". Or is it "I know what you wore at the prom"?
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OF: Boy, I'm having a hard time picturing your idea for prom wear without seeing Ducky. I'm with Patrick on this one. p.s. although now that the photos are side-by-side, I'm alarmed at the similarities between Ducky and my avatar
Thank you Dakota - Ducky was the first thought that came to mind when O.F. described his proposed outfit. Oddly - please rethink this outfit - it sounds horrible. Unless this truly fits your personal style, I would go a bit more traditional. Please listen to the other members of this board - that's why you asked for advice isn't it? Heck - even one of the zoot suits I saw at the Tux rental place would be better. Bradford
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Heck - even one of the zoot suits I saw at the Tux rental place would be better.
now there's an idea....
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I actually think that Chuck's suit looked pretty decent - and showed at least that he had a bit of elan. Besides, nearly all old pictures look funny, regardless of what you are wearing. Besides, Chuck, you were a lot better looking then. Not that you look terrible now LA Guy, who probably wore something remarkably untraditional to Prom (or Formal, as we Canucks call'em).
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That is why I didn't go to my prom. I went fishing on the Bay instead.
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Alright, I listened to you guys. Today I went and got fitted in a more formal attire. Although, the jacket is black it has two stripes tracing down the collar all the way to the bottom and the pants match it. I still plan to wear the black/ white pin stripe shirt of course, and my date is getting me a white boutineir(sp?). If I can find any pictures I'll put them up. Heres the jacket and pants. Picture that with the shirt I've described. What color tie should I get?
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Tuxedo is also called semi-formal or black tie. So the traditional tie is a black bow tie. But then if you don't want to be traditional pretty much anything goes. Mathieu
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Heres the jacket and pants. Picture that with the shirt I've described. What color tie should I get?
Is the jacket really this long? It does not look like a tuxedo to me (even remotely) but obviously you don't want the traditional thing so... Wing collars are designed for bow ties. What's the point with a long tie? BTW: this jacket does not have a buttonhole, so you cannot have a boutonniere. Mathieu
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Mines not quitet that long. I'm thinking about getting a purple tie because I am giving her a purple flower-dealy I forgot the name. I'm confused, what exactly is a boutineire? I thought it was the thing that goes in the pocket. I don't kow about all this stuff, I'm only a freshman.
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The flower dealy is a corsage. Tricky moment when you pin it on - get too close to her breast and Daddy will take your arm off and beat you with it - important safety tip as that would more or less spoil prom. The boutoniere is the little buttonhole on your lapel that is not within several inches of any discernable button. Your jacket appears not to have one so have mom use two safety pins from the back. Hold still and don't squirm - she's your mom, this will be a big deal to her. Important safety tip #2: Unlike the days when I went to prom, GPS tracking technology is much better these days. Dad said 11:00 curfew, have her home at 10:58. He also has a tracking device implanted in her ear - if you stop at the Marriott he'll know, then he'll kill you... probably slowly. Other than that, have fun. (Note: Daughter is 9, I have 6-8 years to practice scaring the crap out of young suitors so I am practicing on this poor unsuspecting guest)
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I think what people try to pass off as boutonnieres these days are tacky. One does not need a large rose accessorized with various sprigs of what I believe are called Baby's Breath.
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