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(Edward Appleby @ April 25 2005,20:18) I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that your normal wardrobe include skintight jeans, track jackets, tight t-shirts layered over tight long-sleeve t-shirts with lots of black, and multiple shirts with logos of Hawthorne Heights, As I Lay Dying, and the like. Not my style, but don't feel too disparaged: my best friend admits to wearing girl jeans because they don't make mens tight enough. And he owns a number of As I Lay Dying albums.
HAHAHAHA no. That new music is not my thing. I listen to classic rock. That's pretty much it. I wear tight jeans and black t-shirts, the occasional polo shirt form abercrombie and fitch and never layer my shirts. That looks terrible. No track jackets either, I don't typically wear any jacket, maybe a sweater every now and then. I also like the cordoroy pants.
Then why the tastelessly metrosexual prom attire plan? If you wan't to sauce things up a bit, but avoid the "gay hairdresser" look, try a smoking jacket or a (possibly red) velvet shawl dinner jacket with regular tux pants. (Granted, the Gucci jacket I have in mind I saw in the NYT men's style magazine and cost between two and three thousand, but it's a place to start.)
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The pants I have in mind for my "outfit" are tux pants. Either solid black or black with small pin stripes, like the shirt.
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There is no such thing as striped tuxedo pants. They shouls be solid black with one vertical satin ribbon covering the stitches.
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Can you rent a single pair of tux pants without the rest of the tux? The stripe thing sounds like my dad's old marine corps pants. Bleh.
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If a tux is really not your thing, what about a black velvet jacket? Yeah, it's been overdone and played out, but it still looks good. Jon.
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Does the white honestly clash that much? I'll go look tommorrow at the tux place if you guys seriously think it will look horrible.
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It's a black strip on black pants. I also feel these can be odd. Semi-formal pants with cumberband:
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you sound like a prime candidate to heavily hit the thriftstores kiddo. i second the velvet jacket - think it will acheive exactly what you want to.
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I went to my little sister's grand march the other day - white kids wearing white tuxedos with white chuck taylors, all-white Yankees hats, and bandanas under the hats. And yes, I am intentionally using the plural. It was not pretty.
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Jill is scanning my old prom pictures as we speak. This will be very embarassing but will illustrate why it is best to go with a straight black tux... 20 years from now your fiance might scan the pictures and post them to the internet.
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Why didn't you destroy all proof? What you left some witnesses alive too?
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I wasn't around then, and as such, was not responsible...   But here's our young fashion designer at PROM:
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FOR SALE:  One girlfriend, best offer, will ship to your location at my expense. Disclaimer:  I was a freshman, date was a senior.  Dear Lord, forgive me for I knew not what I wore. Manton - go ahead, start off the list with: No cuff showing What's the deal with the one button on the sleeve near my elbow?
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Couldn't you afford more than one sleeve button? And why not have it at the elbow, you trendsetter?
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It wasn't bespoke man... gimme a break OH CRAP... I just realized something... CLIP ON TIE ALERT..... ...polyester probably. Someone please kill me now.
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