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Originally Posted by tazmaniac View Post
Just thought I'd share some pictures:
- Nice..
- Please post in a few months after wearing as I 'd be interested in how they age as to date.
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Originally Posted by awxg View Post
Great looking shoes!

I am not familiar with Corthay. What is the price range for their oxfords?

At Leffot in Manhatten they run about 1,100.00 plus trees.

More Corthay eye candy...

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I like 'em
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Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post
Beautiful color.

How come Corthay doesn't do a bevelled waist?

very, very nice. corthays definitely on my short list.

I was wondering the same thing about the bevelled waist and fiddleback sole. Not that they aren't great as is, but I always think it's a nice touch to have both.
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The antiqueing job on those shoes are a marvel to behold

The design of the shoe...part stitching and part brogueing is hideously Parisian...yuck
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Got mine a couple weeks ago.........more antiguing than the OP. These are the "Kleber" model.
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They look delicious. Good buy!
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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
These are beautiful.

I could quibble that some of the detailing isn't quite to my personal aesthetic taste, but overall, these are just stunningly beautiful!

Congratulations & wear them well!

You hit on what I was thinking. Still gorgeous.
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Most impressive.
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Corthay make the most manly dress shoe on the planet. Such a lovely shape.
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What color are those in the OP?

Thats hot action.
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A very hot last.
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They are indeed the Kléber. The patina that was applied is called "vieux noir". I actually saw them before the process. They were uniformly light brown. I think the work Stéphane did is amazing. Styling may not be to everyones taste, but I think they are quite restrained for Corthays. I am curious as well how they will age...
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Double post
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