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New Corthays

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Just thought I'd share some pictures:

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Nice. And, by nice, I mean gorgeous.
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These are beautiful.

I could quibble that some of the detailing isn't quite to my personal aesthetic taste, but overall, these are just stunningly beautiful!

Congratulations & wear them well!
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Very nice
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Jesus H.

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Beautiful shoes. Good choice.
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sweet - and by sweet, i mean, good thing you have such small feets, or else i'd want that pair
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That is the Bucy correct? (Actually some research shows the model is Kleber) Color looks to be sort of pewter?

I have the Arca and the Cocteau (in green.) Love them.
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They ride that fine line between vulgar and awesome. I'd hit it.
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great shape
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Great looking shoes!

I am not familiar with Corthay. What is the price range for their oxfords?
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OMG those are amazing.
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Beautiful color.

How come Corthay doesn't do a bevelled waist?
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