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Al Sharpton's latest suit on fox news right now

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No notch to the lapel at all. Fits well, looks expensive but seems odd.... Thoughts?
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Al Sharpton on a "style" forum. Fascinating, I have now seen everything.
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You mean like a shawl dinner jacket collar?
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No... take a single-breasted chalkstripe suit with average to wide lapels... now imagine the notch is gone from the lapel, just straight. Not sure it is 'wrong' but did not seem right... the fact that it bugged me is reason enough in my mind to say it's wrong... distracting. ...Of course my personal philosophy with a suit is that no feature should stand out, except hopefully for the owner. Anyone know if he has his suits made or if he buys off the rack?
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Another reason why Al Sharpton has never exactly been a *ahem* style icon...
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It was on 'Hannity and the bleeding heart socialist', or 'The right wing religious fanatic Bush apologist and Colmes' depending on which side you are on. ...check the replay later tonight, that suit is still bugging me. Hey Bresch, you Lurking? I may need professional help if this is bothering me.
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I think I've seen this style on Espn.... we're talking about a triangular lapel, no notch or peak. just a long, somewhat triangular folded over.
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Yup, that's the critter. If you are seeing it on ESPN I assume it is a 'trend' ...yikes
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yeah, i've wonder who were the ad wizards that came up with that one. for some reason, Tom Jackson (one of the football guys) sticks out in my mind as the guy who wears them. Probably wrong, but there you go.
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Oops, wrong thread - no message
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I'm pretty surprised to see Hannity rocking a spread collar. Based on his rhetoric, he strikes me as the kind of guy that rebels against anything that isn't purely American. This would make me think that he would sport a more American collar. Probably not a button down because this would be too casual, but at least a straight point collar. Interesting.
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Yup, he usually does wear a point. . . and occasionally a CFT02.
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Woah, I see what you mean about the suit that Sharpton is wearing and the no notch on the lapels. Definitely looks wierd. I dig the shirt though, it has a nice contrast spread collar and his tie is perfectly dimpled. The pocket square is a nice tough too. He would actually look pretty stylish if it wasn't for the wierd lapels.
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Could somebody post an image for members who are not lucky enough to watch Fox news?
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Wonder who owns the suit? The Rev. cannot own anything of any value - too many judgements against him. Someone tried to collect on one of them by siezing some property. Not his watch. Not his suit. Last I knew, the FEC wanted some of that money back too.
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