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Good thread.

For me, I always knew I had no idea what I was doing in terms of clothing and dress. For many years I never spent much thought on clothing. I just wore the same things all the time, year after year--flannels, levi's, t-shirts, sweaters, thrifted outerware, etc--replacing it (or allowing it to be replaced) during birthdays and christmas. To be honest, I occassionally look back on that innocent time with a little nostalgia. I simply didn't think much about clothes.

When I really started making 'off' decisions, though, was during a period when I wanted to improve my look, became willing to spend money to do so, but still didn't know anything about what, when, where, or how to buy. I didn't know how to coordinate, either, so even if through sheer luck i landed a genuinely nice pair of shoes, i had no idea how to wear them. More often than not, the stuff I acquired was just not good. Worse, it fit poorly.

Among the many bad purchases I made during this period were some black dolce and gabbana corrected grain plain toe bluchers that were pretty clownish, and just a lot of suit jackets and crap that, to my eyes, signalled 'dressing up' but were too big for me. I could try on a jacket sized anywhere from a 40 - 42 (i'm a proper 38) and if it 'hung right' and i liked the color i would buy it. The I'd take it home, without any tailoring, and hang it in my closet. Now and then I'd take it out, throw it on, and try to dress up an "outift", maybe pairing it with an ill-fitting button down and my d&g's. I'd be trying really hard to look cool, well-dressed, and grown up. Yet even my own untrained eye could see I looked like a douche-bag. Since I couldn't fool myself, even, I stripped the stuff off and reached for my old jeans and T's and sneakers before heading out the door.

This was a frustrating time in my, uh, sartorial development, as I was now spending time and money on clothes, but with no apparent pay-off, because they looked foolish and contrived, and I didn't wear them.

The (obligatory) turning point came when I started to actually seek out information. I read some books, magazines. Developed a casual but persistent interest in the history of shoes and clothing. Just started to pay attention, I think, and to notice clothing. I still made purchases, and still made mistakes, but I was trending in the right direction. I discovered SF quite a bit later, when I at least had a bit of a handle on how to acquire, edit, and dress.

The arc I've described in similar to many people on these boards.
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Originally Posted by bc78 View Post
A 4 button suit. I'm 5'10"
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Originally Posted by ebern View Post
H&M Dress Shirts
Very reasonable quality for the price. I bought one more than a year ago, wore it like crazy and although it's starting to show a ton of wear, it's still one of my favorite patterns. My contribution - wayyy too many t-shirts.. I'm with Mr. Moo on that one. Pleated dress pants. Polyester ties (sorry, I was a teenager). Aeropostale jeans. A&F t-shirts. One polyester suit. Wow, I know, right, quite a list. One of these days I'm going to start a thread that compares my pre-SF and current wardrobe, and how much it cost to get me where I am. And what retail would have been for the stuff I have acquired since last year. One purchase I don't actually regret - this one pair of KC shoes I got for $20. They look like crap, but since most people don't know the difference... I wear them when it's raining and I don't care about getting them destroyed, and they're comfortable as hell (at least that model). I certainly regret another KC model that I bought, feels and looks like complete crap. I also don't regret a D&G sportcoat. 1/2 silk, 1/2 wool, fits me fantastically well and paid $90 for it. And this was a post-SF purchase that I kind of regret. Don't shoot me - crimson Borelli pants. I love the way it fits and feels, but I have no occasion or excuse to wear that color ever. I simply wish I'd gotten them in another color.
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Plenty of purchases come to mind: Wilson's leather motorcycle jacket (for $300...). I had downsized and it still looks large on me. The leather itself is actually not bad. Wore it maybe 5 times, and it's been taking up closet space ever since. Rock & Republic bootcut jeans. I downsized and they are way too tight in the waist/hips. Plus I don't like the flare at the leg. They look quite "dramatic" and I never wear them anymore. Interestingly, I used to get compliments from girls about them... Darkish grey citizens of humanity jeans. Nice fit but color is hard to match with anything... Grey Diesel hoodie. Same grey shade as the pants above...virtually unworn... Zegna dress shirts, "medium" size. Nice fabrics, but fit is awful (tents). Might consider tailoring them some time. A trouser from Express. Terrible fabric, paper-thin and wrinkles within milliseconds of being worn. Several Abercrombie & Fitch/Ruehl shirts. The first couple A&F shirts I got I really liked (and still do). Nice slim fit, good quality fabric, classic colors and patterns, and after removing the chest pocket (along with the brand logo on it) they have been on everyday rotation. Based on that experience, I ordered a few more (online), only to find out that fit is extremely inconsistent. Actually I take this back: sleeves are consistently ridiculous-long (by a good 2 inches!).
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Oh man, where to begin...

Several poorly fitting dress shirts of various undistinguished brands. I would only buy on sale and my size (16/36) can be a bit tricky to find, so I have several Geoffrey Beene/Paul Fredrick shirts that are either 16x34/35 with sleeves that are too short or are 16.5x36/37 with collars that are too wide. Never again.

Perry Ellis polyester (yes) trousers (hey, you can put them in the washing machine!)

The obligatory several pairs of Kenneth Cole shoes (which I am still stuck wearing while I save up for some better ones, probably AEs after all the recommendations on the forum).

A brown herringbone Lands End sport coat that is too short for me (a 42R, I wear 42L), but I used to wear all the time anyway because I love the color.

I think probably the most important thing I have taken away from reading this forum fo far is that comprimising on fit/quality to get a bargain is not a bargain at all. I would now rather have 1 item that fit well than two cheaper items that don't or are poor quality. I'm gradually replacing my wardrobe now, and as hard as it is to be patient, everything I buy now is to fulfill a specific purpose and I only buy it if the fit and quality are perfect. If I can't afford it, I do without until I can, rather than lowering my (new-found) standards.
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Originally Posted by smmea View Post
before SF lots of fused suits - about 10 hugo boss black line which im not wearing t dont know what to do with those

There is a charity that is dedicated to taking in mens clothes and repackaging them to lower income people. I think this would be a great opportunity if you dont wear them. Give another man confidence and a decent suit to wear to an interview.
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plain navy Mani suit at full price. $500+
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black square-toe hush puppies
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the most horrible shoes known to man, Steve madden,
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Many many purchases.
My friends use to have a saying. "He rolled out of bed and into what ever was laying on the floor."
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Hugo Boss Red suit at full price... ugh!
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Too many Mauri and Mezlan alligator shoes.
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Regrettable purchases: Anything I thought was "a bit gay" in the store, but bought anyway because they were on sale, and I thought I should try to wear something a bit more fashionable. Once home, and hanging along side my other clothes "a bit gay" then looked like Elton John's hand-me-downs. And there they would remain, never to be worn... only there to taunt me, and remind me of money wasted.

Allen Edmonds Commuter shoes. I wanted a well made, durable, shoe for work travel. Sadly, they are exactly that... Too durable to wear out, too fugly to wear at all, and too nice to throw away. Another fashion albatross I have to bear.

And of course: anything ill fitting. It doesn't matter who made it out of what... if it doesn't fit, it looks like shit. Losing 25lbs in the last 2 years only highlighted how awful some of those purchases were.

Originally Posted by idfnl View Post
Oh ya, speaking of landing strips, in high school I wore a flat top hair cut

I had a flat-top from age 6-17. Initially I did it to be like my dad, but even after I realized how out of step it was at the time, I stuck with it because he "strongly encouraged" me to do so... Looking back I'm happy he did... It my personal version of "A Boy Named Sue", and probably had more to do with who I am today than I'd imagine.
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Trapp: The style arc you describe is the same as mine. I blame it on wearing whatever mom bought me as a kid, or girlfriends bought me as a young adult. Things clicked into place the first time I was brave enough to have a tailor do some alterations. Also: any trousers with pleats. They are a crime against humanity.
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General Motors stock.

- B

GE post and pre Buffet. XLF thinking that the 7000s were the bottom. Heck, spiders in general.
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