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Name pre-SF regrettable purchases. - Page 4

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J & M shoes off of ebay
Lauren pin stripe suit - baggiest pants I've ever seen
Mani 3 button suit
Numerous ill fitting shirts
Cheap ties from Marshall's
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Jones NY gray twill suit that was 2 sizes to big with TRIPLE pleated pants.
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I don't think I have any regrets. Sure there's plenty of stuff I had then I wouldn't wear now, but it served me well at the time, and none of it cost me much money since i shopped at Winners (TK Maxx) for 90% of it.
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My biggest error was two MTM 3 button suits from Benzer in Bombay. I paid $170/ea. I have used the black (!!) one several times in lieu of a tuxedo when playing in the Symphony. Other than this, they get no wear. Maybe I'll post them sometime and see what you guys think.

Originally Posted by bmulford View Post
Pretty much everything I had prior to SF was donated. The only relic I have is a pair of Bruno Magli's that I reserve for those rare occassions when I expect to walk in mud, oil or the like.

Really?? You've developed your style since you joined? I'd always thought you were one of those born-dapper types. I have hope, yet.

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-Lime green dress shirt.

What is wrong with that?

Originally Posted by idfnl View Post
Bright, bright yellow button up shirt

Apparently, I like brighter colors than most.
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A pair of black, Italian Florsheim Imperial mules. Quality was crappola and they certainly weren't 'pretty'. They were also near enough to $300!

Sitting in my closet with soles cracked on the sides where your foot flexes. An absolute waste...
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KC shoes
Hugo Boss KC-looking shoes, at twice the price
FCUK jeans
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First of all - thank you to everyone for sharing. Styleforum (and AAAC) can make a noob really feel like a noob. But reading the mistakes people have made, I am actually thankful I only have a few (relatively innocent) indiscretions: 1. Jones New York fused suit - Athletic cut was good. Ventless, fused, and double pleats were bad. 2. Timberland dress shoes - Comfortable, but good that they wore out (I now wear AE, so I'm still no trendsetter). 3. Pleated pants - A girlfriend (and her friends) started calling me out on wearing pleats a few years ago, so I QUICKLY changed my ways. (I'm 6'2", 170lbs) Wow...I feel so much better after reading this thread. Cathartic. Thanks SF!
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I needed a pair of good shoes. I thought that $150+ would do it. Someone suggested that I try NM Last Call in Dallas. Their shoe collection is terrible. I'm not really sure where one in America can buy a decent shoe anymore without going overseas or to a vendor who stocks from overseas suppliers. Anyway, I bought a pair of Cole-Haan reverse leather shoes there for I think $129, if I recall correctly. Shortly thereafter, I discovered SF and those shoes went to the thrift store.

Don't mean to be snobbie, but I now know the difference between corrected grain and high quality calf skin leather. I think Cole-Haan should be ashamed for creating such a shoe in the first place. Secondly, why are so many men so poorly informed about good shoes versus CR*P?

It is such a shame to see so many men buying CR*P when they really are not aware of what they are doing or of the alternatives. It would so nice to have SF required reading for all young men who are considering a shoe purchase.

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A suit from Mt. Spiffy.
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Loudly striped button-down shirts. Y'know, for "da clubz" I never actually went to, but I liked the shirts.
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Oh yeah, I remember I bought a rental tailcoat with white shawl lapels for about $20. I wore it around as a regular jacket because I thought it was so dope! Also, Perry Ellis shirts. And I wore short sleeve dress shirts with suits before too.
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Originally Posted by StopPolloition View Post
Also, Perry Ellis shirts.

Yeah, most of my shirts were Perry Ellis.
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previously mentioned loud button ups.

a black Hugo Boss Suit

the mens warehouse pronto uomo loafers where the die bled into my feet the one time i wore them barefoot

walking into mens warehouse
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I think these are pretty damn horrible. I bought them to accompany my black 4-button suit and pre-tied bowtie to prom. Yeah.

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