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Generally, I was fairly informed about quality clothing and very rarely have made "mistakes". Pre SF, I preferred Versace Classic suits mainly because they fit me exceptionally well and the garment is Zegna, albeit not the best quality for the price. Since the forum though I am more confident in trying other brands that I new nothing or very little of (i.e. Pal Zileri, Corneliani, etc). For the record, I had been visiting the forum for a while before I finally joined... Love it.
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No Regrets.

Paying Retail led me here.
It was worth the price.

I have wasted far more money on greedy materialistic girlfriends.
Now THAT I do regret...and the years of my life lost.
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Originally Posted by denovich View Post
I had a flat-top from age 6-17. Initially I did it to be like my dad, but even after I realized how out of step it was at the time, I stuck with it because he "strongly encouraged" me to do so... Looking back I'm happy he did... It my personal version of "A Boy Named Sue", and probably had more to do with who I am today than I'd imagine.

Hell, I still get my hair cut that way -- not remotely stylish, but good for hat-wearing.

As for regrettable purchases, wool-poly blend slacks and ill-fitting RTW jackets head the list numerically. Price-wise the absolute worst was a pair of black AE Byrons purchased at full retail in Canada ...
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jnco jeans
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Originally Posted by Metlin View Post
GE post and pre Buffet. XLF thinking that the 7000s were the bottom. Heck, spiders in general.

hah, add me to the list, Wells Fargo @ 21.....luckily for me i do not buy all at once.

It was a screaming deal.....on the sell side
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Originally Posted by MHH89 View Post
jnco jeans

Winner! Or... loser?
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I used to wear a 42R - and thought it looked good on me - looking at pictures, I look like I was wearing my dad's old suits
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Pre SF regrettable purchases:

Levi's Premium bootcut bleach stained nightmares
Nike Dunk SB Mids (non quickstrike)
True Religion Jeans
Paper, Denim and Cloth Jeans
Two GRAIL T shirts
One Morphine Generation T shirt
3 Drifter T shirts
Tacky Christian Lacroix ties

Pre SF purchases that are still awesome:

Buttery suede belted coat by Penguin - No logo and the leather compares to any super expensive designer shit I've felt.
Really surprsingly - light washed Diesels. My favorite things in the world when I was 16. Now that I've rediscovered them they live on as jorts. The denim and wash is really nice.
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Spent $1,500 on an Etro suit (made by Boglioli) for my wedding. Half-canvassed too. Etro store also made me pay for alterations (!).

Never paid anywhere close to that since then, and bought far better suits.
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i forgot this one until today when i pulled one out of my closet and attempted to wear it - Giorgio Armani ties. pulls and runs after less than 10 wears another one: a Prada leather belt that has started to crack after 6 months
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I once bought a matching tie, cuff link and pocket square set. I think I may have worn it once.....
I also bought 2 kenneth cole belts, which fell apart after about 20 wearings.
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I had a pair of black Aldo, square-toed zipper-sided Chelsea-like boots. This was in mid-college probably 5 years ago or so. Thankfully the sole basically snapped fairly quickly. Strangely, I replaced them with a pair of black Bacharach chukka boots that I still wear occasionally. While I'd prefer the toe be a bit more rounded (it's rounded, but not still a little blunt), they are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and do well with jeans or in particularly wet weather. It's a store that I'd never even consider going into now, but in some ways I got more out of the $40 I paid for them than I've gotten out of just about any other purchase.
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studio Italia suit - $700 ugly fail

julious marlows- $200 rubber sole trash

van husen shirt - $70 not even %100 cotton, dosent fit me

Rhode & beckett tie - $120 salmon and navy.. WTF

since SF

TAT full canvass suit

hopefuly a pair of vass u last shoes soon

RMW boots in calf

found a tailor to make my next suit.
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Anything Keeneth Cole in general... except maybe a pee coat that is still fine.
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My absolute wor$t mi$take was getting a pair of custom-made Gucci bit loafers in, get this, turquoise snakeskin, with a highish heel. Very mid-'90s. I still have them in storage. Maybe I'll dig them out and photograph them.
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