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I'm also looking to setup a shoe polish kit. I own a chestnut pair of AE's, chili pair of AE's and two black pairs. Would this be a good kit for those shoes?

11629 Saphir Medaille DOr Renovateur 100ml-ALL $20.00
35655 Saphir Saphir Brown 04 Cream 50ml jar-ALL $8.00
36051 Saphir Saphir Black 01 100ml tin-ALL $13.50
36057 Saphir Saphir Medium Brown 37 100ml tin-ALL $13.50
56408 Saphir Saphir Black 50ml. Jar-ALL $8.00 ea. 1 $8.00

Plus some extras:

56366 Saphir Saphir Dauber-ALL $5.00
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Originally Posted by glenjay View Post
[snip] I can't believe that 70% diluted isopropyl alcohol in very small quantities suggested by Lear is more detrimental to leather than the solvents mentioned above. [snip]
There are so many variations on the same mirror shine theme. As soon as I'm convinced that something works, I hear about another twist to this bizarre addiction. The alcohol is now just a splash (possibly 10%). As glenjay said, the quality of the leather will determine the quality of the mirror shine. Having said that, a lesser quality leather can look very impressive, it just takes a lot longer .
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I was skeptical about saphir polish, but I finally bought a couple tins and was very pleased with the "mirror" shine I was able to get in a couple minutes with the stuff. Admittedly my shoes were already polished when I started, but the depth of the shine and the ease I got there with saphir really surprised me.

It might just be because my old Kiwi stocks are a bit dried out these days, but saphir isn't _that_ much more expensive, a drop in the bucket really, so I'm sticking with it.

I didn't notice any difference when applying a thin coat over the whole shoe, however.
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Does anybody know where I can buy the Saphir Renovateur, Saphir Medaille DOr polish pate, and the crema alpina/nubiana in London? I know I can order the Medaille DOr online from but they are currently out of the Renovateur and don't seem to carry the Alpina. It doesn't have to be an online retailer, I'm fine with going to a store to buy it, I just don't know where to start... Also, I'm new here so please forgive me if this was answered here or in another thread.
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Let us know if you find the Crema Alpina/Nubiana. SFers have tried to find it in vain in the States. Try contacting the company directly in Italy.
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Originally Posted by Lear View Post
I'm still striving for the mirror shine, that I know my JL's deserve.

Some of my observations (as a novice):

Polish under natural sunlight. What you imagined to be a dull spot at night, often turns out to be a trick of the (artificial) light.

Someone said that John Lobb polish is made by Saphir. I therefore purchased a tin, only to find that it does not compare to Saphir Médaille D'or. I've experimented with both. The Saphir wins every time. Maybe they were refering to a cheaper line of Saphir products.

From this link: I decided to add 30% rubbing alcohol to the water. I've noticed an instant improvement in the mirror. It seems to loosen the wax, allowing it to 'swirl' for longer. The alcohol will slowly eveporate from the vessel, so if you return the next day, you might have to add a drop more.

Take a tiny dab of wax onto a dry cloth. Dip it into the water. Only a droplet of water is needed. The added alcohol increases the rate at which the cloth soaks it up. Start 'swirling' immediately, wasting no time in getting the polish pushed into the pores. Quite soon, the cloth will drag. A few droplets of water are then applied by shaken fingertip onto the leather... more swirling.... When the cloth begins to drag again, I usually breathe heavily onto the leather and continue swirling. You'll begin to see a harder shine developing. I now move onto a clean bit of cloth and just continue with the heavy breath and swirling.

Some may think this a waste of money, but I buy a metre of fluffy cloth (don't know what it's called) from the local haberdashery department. It's similar to the shoe bag stuff, but thinner and softer. I buy it in white, as it'll clearly show which bit has been used. To cover myself, I tell the saleswoman that I'm running up a little white dress for a party over the weekend. Works every time, and saves the embarrassment of her knowing what the cloth is really for.

I can now see how leather quality determines the depth of shine. I can obtain a great mirror on my RMW's. However, the mirror on my JL's is a step up from that.

N.B. Normally, a droplet of water will want to sit there in a single blob. With the alcohol added, a droplet will want to instantly spread out and evaporate. When this ceases to happen, I know that more alcohol needs to be added to the main vessel. Don't go mad and fill the vessel up. 30% (or maybe less say Saint Crispin´s) of a few millimetres of water, is still just a few splashes of the hard stuff.

My mirror shine is approaching perfection.

Hope that helps someone.


Me very skeptical using alcohol in polish,
could dry out shoe?
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does anyone know the maker of saphir products? are they independent?
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