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physical sale redux...

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but i like the sound. anyways, since you guys threw out a bunch of good ideas, i thought i'd throw out the latest in the plan: a guy who buys from me owns one of the nicer restaurants in lubbock. we were talking to him about it and he offered to clear his place of tables on a saturday basically early until about 430 b/c he opens at 530. free of charge, everyone knows where it is, he'd kind of word-of-mouth advertise to the poeple who come in. he insisted he get nothing, though i would obviously give him something for it, and he said if it totally flops then i'm not out a rental of a place. he's closed all of monday so if it went well i could do it on a monday too. any opinions on that idea? i kinda like it
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That sounds pretty good.
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Well, there's really no big risk for you. I'd say go for it. You'll be out some time, labor and advertising. He benefits by piggy-backing your advertising and getting new people through his door. Perhaps he would be interested in you giving out some sort of promotional coupon for his restaurant with each purchase.
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yeah, do it. nothing to lose
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