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shirt jackets / giacca camicia

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does anyone have some good places to look for nice-looking shirt-jackets, or maybe unconstructed sportcoats? or if you just have some images, i'd like to see them. thanks, /andrew
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Check out the ETRO spring catalog. I found Bagutta makes these pretty well at a reasonable price.
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Thread Starter, lots of color. here's one from ralphie boy, it's a nice shape except for i'm not keen on the patchwork quilt effect:
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found an interesting article in the Robb Report, from last year, about hunting-style jackets: linky
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Brooks Brothers has a pretty nice suede shirt-jacket here, but I'd probably wait for a sale - I got mine, in brown, at 50% off plus an additional coupon code discount, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Discostu usually also has a bunch on his website from a lot of high-end makers, so check those out, too...
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Here's an unconstructed Barbera 'walking jacket" with sport jacket lapels but a shirt button calf. I have a jacket like this in navy herringbone, but can't figure out whether to wear it with a tie to the office, so I don't use it much: On those few occasions I've used it, it's for a Saturday urban walk and worn with corduroys or flannels and a wool or cashmere polo shirt.
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some good replies. i am finding some interesting items by googling 'safari jacket', 'hunting jacket', etc. this on is a Willis & Geiger from the lost worlds website: and this game jacket is pretty neat, although the contrasting buttons are a bit overwhelming:
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Luciano Barbera does this kind of safari thing, as does Cifonelli. The latter had one in off-white linen with an orange lining last year.  The question is, when will you wear it?  I find they work on causal Friday, which in pharmaceuticals is every day. For a few steps down, check out the Mark Shale catalog.
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Paul Stuart had some nice ones that were pretty straightforward.
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Arnys, one the very best store in Paris, sell its very elegant "Forestière". Worth a visit if you are in Paris.
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How do Arny's shirts compare with Charvet? I am looking for slim-fitted dress shirts. Thanks.
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