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Coho, my point is that she was not the one and only girl for me, but at 18 I certainly thought so. It was youthful inexperience to think that she was "The One."
I haven't seen or even communicated with her in over 25 years and never will. If we did meet, we'd probably have nothing to talk about anyway. People grow up, follow different paths, and grow apart. Best to move on.
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Let her go do her thing and you should do the same. I can understand where you are coming from as someone who has gone thru a similar situation recently. Best advice is to enjoy your youth, party and whore it up a wee bit. DO NOT, consume excessive amounts of liquor it only leads to trouble.

Please remember to take the time you need to heal. Lift weights, read a good book and be selfish for a lil while.
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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red View Post
At 18, I met the one and only girl for me. I was positive I wanted to marry her and spend the rest of our lives together. It's been over 25 years since I last saw her or was in any kind of contact, and scarcely even think of her any more. And I can't count the women I've been with since then.

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man, this is just a bad idea coho. fuck her if you can, but leave it at that. you don't want some chick that ignored you in hs to like you all of a sudden now that you have money. that is a recipe for disaster, and i personally would not trust her one bit if all of a sudden she warmed up to me.
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Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill View Post
It've been a couple of weeks at this point. I'm a bit confused by the reasoning given, but I think it boils down to time constrains and recent unhappiness (there were some issues that involved events being messed up -- Valentine's Day/her birthday in particular, which upset her).

She'd not been in any serious relationships prior to this. I've been in a couple.

You don't need to give reasonable justification to break up with somebody, and you don't need to recieve it either. Sometimes love isn't enough, sometimes even love isn't there. Just accept it and move on with your life, there will be others.
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so? Whatever happened with this situation?
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edit: old thread.
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Anyone know what's going on with this guy? Are he and his girl married with kids?
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Hey, i am not perfect in giving advice but i must say that showing desperate and selfish can't win her back. Both of you need to make space and clear out the things that bother between you guys. Solution only arise if you both compromise!!!
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Don't even bother trying. To much muff in this world. Fuck'em.
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