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Lands End polos

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Hey everyone. I'm looking at ordering some polos from Lands End as I need to start thinking about a summer casual wardrobe. I've never purchased from them before but they are having a sale until the 29th of $3 off polos and they seem to be a good deal. My concern is in balancing fit and fabric. Is there that big a difference between the normal mesh fabric and the performance mesh fabric? I ask because the trim fit polo would be the one I would be interested in as I am fairly thin, but that only comes in the normal mesh. Also exactly how do they fit? Looking at their size guide I'm stuck in between a small and medium. So anyone with experience with these polos let me know what you think. Cheers, Denning
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Go for the medium and get the fit you want. The fabric isn't that different.
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I have no experience with the performance mesh, but I've recently become a huge, huge fan of LE polo shirts. I appreciate the huge range of colors and the not-insignificant range of patterns. They'll provide the full measurements for any item - in all sizes - to you, if you e-mail and ask. I like a slim fit, and a short hem, so I go several sizes down.
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I just discovered Zara polos the other day. Very slim fitting and only $19.
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Whatever, just no see through stuff. That stuff belongs strictly on really, really, good looking women.
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