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Edit: It just occurred to me that this I shouldn't be ragging in this thread. Instead, watch this space for tradable items... coming soon! (Or in a few days.)
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WTT: Tie 3.5" wide or less. Open to really anything


4" wide, did not realize when I bought, still in wrap, never worn
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I mostly trade acessories to avoid sizing problems. Whatever I do not sell on etsy I post on or my blogspot. I post new stuff all the time as I decide to part with things or as I find it. I am mostly looking for old polo or brooks brothers stuff. I still need to upload photo's of tons more stuff.
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I have 8 jackets for trade.

My measurements:
Coat: Chest 20; Sleeve 24-25; Shoulder 18; Length 31
Pants: 32 waist (30 length, so that or longer)
Shoes: 9D
Shirt: 15-32

What I'm looking for:
--Non-CBD sport jackets (I love the houndstooth BB here, sad it's too big!) but will consider pretty much
anything in = quality brand in my size (38R)...cashmere sport coat I'd love!
--Anything Golden Fleece or Brioni, CBD or not.
--cashmere sweaters (M/38-40)
--Harris Tweed black/white herringbone sport coat
--38R Harris Tweed overcoat
--Will listen to any creative offers (shoes? belts? 7-fold ties? Non 7-fold ties?), I'm open minded let's make a deal. This stuff doesn't fit me.
--No cash, just trade

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I find some really great menswear but I'm a woman and am looking to trade for womenswear.

My sizes:
chest 34
natural waist 28
hips 38
shoes 8-8.5 (39)

What I'm looking for:
Brooks Brothers classic navy blazer size 4 (or something similar)
Brioni, Borrelli, Brooks Brothers, etc. womenswear
good lookin' heels & flats
good lookin' leather purses
dub monks (little ones for my lady feet)

What I have:
Oxxford DB suits in navy and medium grey 42R
Brioni blazer 39R
H. Freeman canvassed suit 43L
ties: Robert Talbott, Versace, Hickey Freeman, Brooks Brothers, Faconnable, etc
shirts: Canali, Robert Talbott, PRL, etc.
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Check the link below for pics of items that I have for sale or trade. No reasonable offers refused. These are just some of the items I have: Ties (Brooks Brothers, Brioni, Burberry, Charvet, Christian Dior, E. Zegna, Ferragamo, Ike Behar, Lands End, Polo, Robert Talbott, and others); Sport Coats (A. Flusser, Canali, E. Zegna, Hart Schaffner & Marx, Hugo Boss, Jos. A. Bank, Yves Saint Laurent, and others); Shirts (Ike Behar, Nautica, Polo); Sweaters (Wool and Cashmere); Pants (Hilfiger - seersucker); Shoes (Florsheim Imperial, others to be added). For trade purposes my sizes are as follows: Suit jacket/Sport coat - 46 long or 48 long; Pants - 40/32; Dress shirts/shirts - 18 - 36/37 and XXL; Shoes - 13D. Save the link and check back often as I will be adding more items soon. PM me if there is any interest or questions and I will respond quickly. Thanks for taking the time to look!
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I have a beautiful Paul Stuart suit in 42 semi-long. If anyone has something they'd like to trade in straight-up 42L (about 31-31.5" long), let me know. It goes on eBay tomorrow.


Chest 44"
Shoulders 19"
Sleeves 26"
Length from bottom of collar: 30"
Waist: 38"
Inseam 33" with 1 3/4" cuff
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Just in time for fall/winter (Price, measurements, & new items added). Look dapper on a dime!!!! Don't miss out, click the links below:
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Is this trading post still active?  I'm new here and would love to see this pick up.  I swing by three local thrift stores every few days now and I just buy anything in great condition by a great label that I can find.  I am building up a stockpile of things to trade.  I am not interested in selling anything for money.  I just grab this stuff because I know someone here might be doing the same thing and if we have something in each others' sizes, then everyone gets what they want for pennies on the dollar. 


I will sign up on the spreadsheet and hopefully people revive this because it is a fantastic idea!

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It's a great idea in theory. If it were a great idea in practice then it wouldn't go for months without a new post.

Better idea:
1. Sell your stuff on B&S.
2. Use that money to buy stuff you need on B&S.
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Or post it and what size it is in the Thrift Bragging thread. I've sold, purchased or traded stuff of there regularly.
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No luck in the bragging thread, decided to post here. Have a couple of Canali dress shirts in a 16.5 that I am looking to trade as well as some Allen Edmonds Newport loafers (9B). Any takers??

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Originally Posted by Pawz View Post

My name is Marten and I like this idea (because I'm weird like that... and extremely cheap). ^^;
Special notes: I don't have great things, BUT I'm not looking for great things (will literally trade a sport jacket for a tie if he likes it).
I'm fair and am on-line most every day. I'm not paranoid, so I will always send first (or at the same time).
My sizes (don't make fun!):
Shirt: dress 16 1/2, 36/37 (I have long arms and insist on cuff) casual L or XL
Suit jacket: 42 long (for most labels... I'd prefer not to trade for these unless I've had experience with the product)
Trousers: 33 or 34W/34L (I dislike pleats but will entertain them)
Things I (generally) do not like used:
Belts, shoes, underwear (obv). XD :P
What I like and how I do things:
Ties! Nothing on the sartorial totem below Brooks Brothers UNLESS it is cool/novel//vintage.
For instance, I'd rather have a vintage Abercrombie tie (yes, they exist!) than a Brioni,
IF in a situation whereat I could choose between the two. I have nothing to prove to SF -
I like what I like!
...That's not to say I wouldn't make a monetary offer on the Brioni (sheepish), but in keeping with
the spirit and purpose of this thread, we must also exchange something other than money lest
we cannot do business.
Remember: I'm very easy to please - if you want my blazer but all you have that I like is a pocket square,
we can probably make a deal (I bought this stuff at thrift... I'm not going to miss it).
I like buttons, too, esp. ones etched with a name. I have tons of these, but I do not trade them (but I will trade for).
Items are traded as-are/-is.
I do not smoke (clothes are smoke-free).
I offer to press/dry clean the items before I send them out, however, if I do this, I must ask to be
reimbursed whether you decide you want to keep the items or not (I'll ship the paid receipt with the items).
This applies only after I send the items. If you back out after I've cleaned by your request, you needn't reimburse
me, though I reserve the right to not trade with you later (as-if).
Also, this is not a service I'll provide unless I'm asked to provide it; if you don't request me to clean the items,
it will not happen.
If I like you, I may decide to bear you in mind next time I hit the thrift stores. Gimmie your sizes/preferences,
and I'll look for things you may like. You are NOT obligated to buy/trade for anything I may collect in this
way, as I can always trade/sell it later (or just, you know, add it to the existing pile). XD
Again, I have to like you and the closer you are to my sizes the better.
What I have:
I'm a hoarder, so I have lots of stuff (albeit most of it is in storage)! Because I'm new at this (and because I don't expect a reply), I'll start with just some
simple items that are within my immediate reach.
Pictures/scans can and will be made. I do not have a camera, but I can borrow one for the purpose (I know they are mandatory). Just ask!
1. Dark-blue, Hugo Boss (black label) shirt with pocket. 16 1/2, 32/33. Made in Rumania of European material; RN# 73616
I'd say the shirt is in NM condition. It had been dry cleaned as indicated by the presence of a tag. I descried no leftover stains or damage.
The shirt has one anomalous button, though I believe it came that way as it is precisely like the others save that it has Boss Hugo Boss etched on it.
The spare button the shirt came with is intact.
2. Vintage Facconable seersucker shirt in blue-and-white checks with pocket and logo. XL 100% cotton; made in Malaysia; RN# 58665
This one's old... Probably from the 1990's. Though it's clearly a men's shirt, the buttons are located on the left side. The sleeves are short
on me, so this thing runs small. I'd say the shirt's in VNM condition, age considered. No stains or holes have been discovered.
3. Brown Thomas Pink shirt with blue-and-white fused stripes without pocket. Spread collar with French cuffs (requires cufflinks).
Nice buttons! Odd size 15/38 cm 100% cotton; made in Romania. I was unable to find an RN#.
4. Black Yves Saint Laurent: pour homme wool cocktail jacket. Size 44 Zignone provided the fabric. This thing is certainly attempting to
be stylish, and would look nice on someone. Flap pockets and a 'modern' slanted pocket for your square.
This jacket looks like it was bought yesterday... Which is bizarre seeing as I bought it a week ago from the Sally! ^^;
5. Gray A.P.C. jeans. These must be boys' jeans because they are small... Very, very small. Short, too! Size 36 (no length given, but I'd say comparable to adult 30). These jeans are 'slim straight'. 100% cotton; made in Macau. I could not find an RN#.
These jeans are in VG condition. I found three slight peals, but nothing distracting. Someone also pulled a loose thread from the inner tag (which cannot be seen from the outside). Their color is excellent as they've been worn perfectly!
I've heard A.P.C. has some kind of buy-back program, but I have no idea how it works or even if it's still going.
This certainly isn't the end of my mess, so just ask!
PM me as I may not remember this thread. :P

That is a shame that you wear a 36/37. I have two beautiful Canali shirts in a size 16 1/2-35. I will keep a look out for your size!


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