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I have a blue Kiton suit in 46R that I would like to trade. This suit has been in the B&S forum for a while; pics and measurements can be found here.

I would like to exchange this suit for a high end suit in equivalent condition. I am a 40R, 18 shoulder, 25 sleeve length, 36 waist, 29 inseam.
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Picked up these exact Oak Street Bootmakers Vibram soled Brown Trail Oxfords in 8.5 from MSSneaker...just a bit big on me. Would trade for Quoddy in 8 or Yuketen and make up difference in cash on Yuks. Let me know if are exact ones in pics in link above. JT
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Gauging interest here:

I re-found a beautiful, summery RLPL suit at the thrift store down the street from my office.

It's 43R/37W, mid-grey with a smallish white windowpane pattern. It has working buttons on the sleeves, the jacket is two button, and there's a ticket pocket.

If this were in my size, I would have purchased it weeks ago. If there's enough interest, I'll pick it up, do proper measurements & c.; I'm a 36R (sometimes a 36S), and would be delighted to engineer a trade for something that fits me.

I feel slightly silly about buying clothes that don't fit me, having never really Ebayed as a seller, but will buy the suit if someone's interested.

PM me if you are.
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(click for photo album)

For trade (or eventual sale):

NWOT PRL unstructured summer sportcoat, 100% cotton, no shoulder padding whatsoever, shiny MOP buttons, single back vent (still unopened/held together by a tiny thread).

Size 'L'. Measures just under 22" P2P, 19.25 shoulders, 25.5-ish sleeves, length 30.5 from BOC.

I'm looking for something very similar in my size: 38-40 S, or 'S' or 'M', pretty much, the shorter the sleeves and BOC, the better.

Beyond that, slim Mabitex-ish pants, sz 32. After that, shirts (15-15.5, 32 -- again, the shorter all around, the better).

Thanks for looking!

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I have a pair of black AE Park Avenues in size 10B for trade. Looking for a pair of tan or light brown shoes in size 11EEE (or UK10.5).

More pics here.
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Shirts: 14.5 or 15 Pants: 31 or 32" Waist Suits/Blazers: 38R (slim) Shoes: 10-10.5 US NWT Paul Smith Staple Suit 38R, Polo Ralph Lauren Regent Collar Shirts Gucci Bamboo Driving Loafers:
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I am cruising I-80 from Scranton to Pittsburgh next week and want to incorporate a thrift store stop off the interstate for a lunch break or two...anyone care to share a favorite store or two worth checking out? Thanks!
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My measurements/sizes:

Jackets: 38R
Pants: 32Wx32/33L
Shirts: 15.5x34/35
Shoes: ~10.5D or E (Park Avenues in 10.5D are too narrow)

How do I get these on the spreadsheet?
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Stuff in classic patterns:

2 NWT PRL trousers
both 38-30, linen/cotton

PRL Linen pants, size 31x36
No photo handy. A darker straw-colored limen, and pretty substantial -- like a very fancy potato sack. Put them on, and strange women will come up and feel you. Recommended.

Gitman Bros Large (soooft!):

*me: size 32 pants, 15-32 or S or M shirts, 38-40S jackets. Will trade for almost anything, but especialy looking for unstructured SC's, slim pants, flannel pants, navy linen pants, ties featuring the color orange, fabrics featuring the additive wax, and naked photographs of Bea Arthur.

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anyone interested in allen edmonds 10.5 EEE loafers? black
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I found a dark green wool filson mackinaw in size 42 but I need a 40. This is used but in perfect condition. Anyone with a 40 need to trade for larger size?
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These shell florsheim imperials ende up being a bit too big for me. I'm a smaller 10.5d. These are 10.5d but a bit longer than what works for me. Would love to trade for another pair of cordovan shoes in similar (good) condition.
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Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers Suede Perforated Medallion oxfords in UK 8.5.

They are just too small for me, and I am looking for a similar suede or or brown calf oxford in about US 9E, or 9.5.

If anyone is interested I'll provide some pics.
post #644 of 667 alden for brooks brothers genuine shell cordo straight tip bluchers. looking for some brown wingtips and oxfords in 8.5d or 9d.
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how do i publish my measurments
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