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Official Thrifter's Trading Post

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Thread rules: - You MUST publish your measurements before you post anything. This way someone who wants what you posted can easily reference what the other person's sizes are and try and create a match. - Edit post with a (TRADED) flag after a trade so people aren't PM-ing about stuff thats already been traded. - Each party pays shipping. Agree in advance on what type (parcel, priority, etc) and shipping time line. - No asking prices in the trading post, create a separate FS thread if you want to entertain $$ offers. - Post a thank you to each other once a trade is complete as a courtesy. As for me, I'll kick it off. My size: 42-44R in suits and coats. 16x34 in shirts and a 34 waist in trousers. Shoes are 11-11 1/2 D What I'm looking for: Suits, sportcoats/blazers and nice shirts. Also seeking a nice 3/4 length coat of some sort (color/material doesn't really matter). Also, please fill out your information in the spreadsheet. It helps others learn your sizes, wants, etc.
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I'm sure you'll have plenty of interest in the Corneliani. Measurements and pics will help.

I'm always on the lookout for narrow-lapeled sportcoats in 38-40R. I'm talking the early '60s stuff. Preferably fully canvassed -- rolled the dice on a couple on eBay and they were stiff as a board. I'm particularly interested in glen plaids, though tweedy solids and other patterns are fine too. The waist measurement matters much less than the shoulders; need shoulders that come in at 18 inches, or close to. Thanks to anyone who can be of assistance.
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Cornelliani suit wasn't purchased yet. I'm thinking I'll swing in tomorrow and grab it if it's still there (it should be). Doc, I have a Oxxford blazer that may interest you. Fully canvased obviously. Shoulders measure at 17 1/2", though. Other measurements lead me to think it's around a 40R. Chest is 20 1/2", sleeves are 24" and length is 31 1/2". Two small holes (about the size of the tip of ball-point pen. At that size repair would probably be pretty easy.
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I'm a 42r with 34" waist. Shirt size is 17"-34", and shoe size is 11.5D. I found some neat things so I'll take pictures and post in this thread. I'm interested in almost anything by T&A, Charvet, Kiton, Borrelli, Cucinelli, Hermès, Gieves & Hawkes, Anderson & Sheppard, RLPL, Caraceni, Lorenzini, Finamore, Oxxford, Matuozzo, Brioni, Zegna, etc. - especially dress shirts and neckties and suits. And any Lattanzi shoes anyone finds in 11.5 D. Also Alden, C&J, Edward Green for shoes as well (basically any shoes that retail for over $300, but no Allen Edmonds!!!)
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I like the idea of this thread. I too often find nice stuff that's just not my size. I'll keep in mind people in this thread when I'm looking around. I can't think of anything I'm specifically looking for at the moment, but if people pick up particularly exceptional but ill-fitting items I might be interested. Edit: Actually, I would be particularly interested in dress shirt in 16 neck (or 16.5) with sleeve lengths of 35 or 36 inches.
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Glad to see we made this happen!

42 - 44 R jacket
36 waist pants
16 1/2 to 17 x 34 shirt
10 1/2 to 11 D shoe

I've got a few things to trade. I'll post them soon.
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This is really nice. Sounds like a lot of fun and we can all benefit from each other! In the past I've often passed on nice stuff at thrift/consignment shops that aren't my size. I am always looking for blazers in different colors particularly brown tweeds, glen plaids, etc. A;so, ralph lauren polo custom fits, BL, PL, borelli, kiton, and charvet shirts in 15.5/15.75" and 35"+ I'm a 40R/L to slim 42R/L for sportscoats and wear a 34" waist.
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I've never posted in the thrifting thread, but I have been checking out some thrift stores in the area, and I'd like to offer 3 jackets that I've found. I picked up a fully-canvassed, from what I can tell, relatively recent model navy HF sportcoat/blazer (it has gold buttons) in size 50L. It looks to be in good shape, and I'd be happy to trade or give it to someone for what I paid + shipping +$5. I've also got a HF jacket (may be orphaned) in 40L, same deal as above applies. This is also fully canvassed. It has some slight damage to the lining, but for the price, or trade, that may not matter. Although this may be orphaned, it would probably make for a decent sportcoat after swapping buttons. Finally, I've got a fully-canvassed DB by Canali, in what appears to be 46L (I wear a 44L and tried it on, but it's definitely too big for me). This jacket is unvented and appears to be in good shape. If you want pictures of anything specific let me know. There are no pictures of the 50L HF sportcoat b/c I left it at school where I was trying to give it away. I can add some over the next couple of days. Sorry for the lack of measurements, I need to get a cloth tape measure. G
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Have a couple of dress shirts that I would be interested in trading. Both are NWOT. First is a Hugo Boss 16x32/33 and the second is a JW Nordstrom 16x32. I can get the exact measurement if anyone is interested. I wear 15.5 32/33, but got these two off eBay as I liked them even though they were not my exact size under the hope that they would fit me (which they didn't). I am thinking of getting them altered, but would rather trade and save the alteration fee I could. Don't have anything specific in mind, but would be interested in shirts (15.5 32/33, M), pants (34), coats (40R)
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I've recently lost some weight and am in need of some shirts, trousers, sportcoats and suits.

I need:

15.5 x 34 shirts (15.5 x 33 might work in Brooks OCBDs; some smalls would work in casual shirts)
32" trousers (~31" inseam, in khakis usually a tagged 32" inseam)
38/39R in sportcoats/suits

I've got some 16 1/2 x 33/34 and 16 x 34 shirts, some 34" trousers and 40/42R sportcoats and suits I could trade. I'm going to be going through what I've got that I'm willing to part with and work up what's available. If someone has something, though, let me know.

Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
My size: 42-44R in suits and coats. 16x34 in shirts and a 34 waist in trousers. Shoes are 11-11 1/2 D

What I'm looking for: Suits, sportcoats/blazers and nice shirts. Also seeking a nice 3/4 length coat of some sort (color/material doesn't really matter).

I recently found a charcoal Corneliani 2 btn suit. Can't recall if there were any vents. Single pleated (I think) and cuffed trousers. Size 38R. I'd be willing to trade or sell. Haven't purchased yet, may go back tomorrow for it.

Any interest?
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Here is my size: 36-39 jacket 32-33" waist 15-16 x 32-33 shirts 8.5-9.5 shoes Here are some shoes that I have. Some of them are bought from eBay, but unfortunately didn't fit me. 1. Allen-Edmonds, model McAllister, size 8 1/2 C. 2. Allen-Edmonds, model Lloyd, size 8 1/2 C. 3. Allen-Edmonds, model Hillsboro, size 12D. 4. Allen-Edmonds, model Brookwood, size 12D. TRADED 5. Ferragamo, size 12D. I will edit this post later to add some of the blazers and pants that are not in my size.
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This thread is a great idea! My sizes are: Jacket 46/48 Long Slacks 42/31 Shirt 17.5/35 Shoes 12/12.5 D/E Creampiggy...I'd love to trade for those 12 D brogued cap toe AE monks you posted. I've got a bunch of things to post and, hopefully, there will be something you find of interest. Here are a few items to start. I'm not usually a big Tom James fan, but I wish this chocolate brown Corporate Image jacket fit me. There is no fabric content tag, so I don't know for sure, but this is either cashmere or the softest camel hair I've ever felt. Unstructured and lined only at the shoulders, it is a 3 roll 2.5. Unvented. Patch pockets. Measurements: chest 22.5, sleeves 24.5 +3.5", shoulders 19.5", length 31.75 from the top of the collar. Kigour, Stanbury and French jacket. A fine hopsack material in a shade below navy blue. 2 button. Double vent. Ticket pocket. Measurements: chest 22", sleeves 28" +1', shoulders 18", length 35" from the top of the collar. Dunn & Co. Harris Tweed 2 button. Suede elbow patches. Leather buttons. No shoulder padding. Measurements: chest 20", sleeves 24" +2", shoulders 17.75", length 30.5" from the top of the collar. Made in England brown cap toes. By an unknown maker, these are marked size 8.5, but I believe that is UK sizing. Sockliner is missing as I believe these were worn with a prosthetic. I can provide more pictures of any of these items.
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Awesome idea. Nothing to trade today, but I'll find something soon enough. My sizes: Jacket: 44R/46R Slacks: 36-38 US Shirt: 17x34 Shoes: 9.5-10D
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Belvest Blazer, 42
Chest 46
Sleeves 25
shoulders 19.5

Size 42 three piece suit
chest 46
shoulder 20
length 31
sleeve 22.5
inseam 30
waist 36

Trousers are pleated and cuffed.
Finished in a wooly medium-weight cloth. Perfect for winter and fall.:

I also have a very light midnight blue paul stuart (measures up close to a 43R),

also some Ben Silver heavy-weight OCBD shirts 16.5x34. One in yellow and the other in a blue and pink vertical stripe.
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^^Interested in those Ben Silver shirts. Pics?
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