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Oxxford Crest

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Oxxford has a new label, Oxxford Crest, but it isn't a "bridge" label.  Oxxford knows that their traditional CEO customers are retired and the younger guys are buying Brioni and Zegna.  Hence, Oxxford Crest.  I quote from a pal's email on the topic: "It was created by Jack Simpson who used to be President of the company.  He is no long with them as of the first of the year. Now running the company is Mike Cohen. He's a guy about 40 and he has been with Oxxford about 8 years.  Oxxford Crest has a completely different styled shoulder than any of the  other Oxxfords. It got more of an Italian shoulder. Its a little boxy in the shoulders.  Its very fitted in the middle, and the lapels are similar to the Gibbon model. They also are gearing this for the 40 year old that they hope will buy Oxxford.  Cohen told me at Neimans last month when I saw him that Oxxford must change their look completely. All the old rich codgers that use to wear Oxxford are dead now, and they don't need any. Thats why they came up with the younger looking Gibbon, In the fall they are coming up with the McKenzie model which will look a lot like the Gibbon also. (More of a lapel look of Brioni).  Oxxford is really in awe of Brioni and Zegna because the young rich guys like it and thats what is selling.  The Oxxford Crest didnt go over that well, but they will keep working to make it work. The fabrics are very nice - I saw the swatches at Neimans.  From what I am gathering Oxxford is in a fight to stay real viable.  Neiman's in Dallas had so few units.  We were in Kansas City at Halls and they only had about 3 or 4 pieces in  in certain sizes. They sell it but not like they use to. They do a big Zegna business."
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The Simpson suits that I remember had a really low button point -- really, really low -- and a gaping open front above the waist button. Are the suits you describe like that?
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I saw some of the Oxxford Crest models but I didn't try 'em on, so I can't speak to the button placement.
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I own an Oxxford Crest suit. I can attest that the shoulders are very boxy. It almost reminds me of what I think of as a late 80's power suit - like a Hugo Boss with those padded shoulders. Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of the shoulders in retrospect. I don't notice anything abnormal about the button placement, but I haven't worn it in a while. This is definitely not a lower price point suit as the list on the ones I've seen are even higher than your basic Oxxford. For what its worth, I'm 35, so probably fit their target customer profile. I think it would be a mistake for Oxxford management to attribute the popularity of Brioni and Zegna to styling. Both of those companies have been relentless brand builders. When are we going to see James Bond in Oxxford? I wouldn't even put Zegna in the same league as those other two. I own a Zegna tuxedo and Oxxford blows them away. Brioni, however, makes a wonderful, if expensive, suit.
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I was in Neiman's in Dallas yesterday and also noticed the conspicuously thin selection of Oxxford suits (2 in my size). Also quite conspicuous was the hand stitching under the Oxxford lapels, which was missing from the Brionis. Some of the Zegnas were fused. I used to think I liked the Italian styling, but the Oxxford was a very nice fit. So I'm saving my pennies....
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The Oxxford Crest is not a new model. It is about 2 years old. It was introduced as Jack Simpson's model. Mr. Simpson left Oxxford last year. It is still available MTM. The company is always developing new models and changes to the old ones to keep "fresh." I believe that the newest model is the Radcliff which has yet to hit the stores. I cannot comment on the company's future since I am not privy to its books. I believe that the company and its future are solid based on my talks with Messrs. Cohen and Hays. Mark Seitelman
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