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Hi, I'll be in New York for a couple days from May 30th to June 5th. I have a bit of time and would like to pick up 1 or 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds. I have extremely wide feet, something around a 14EEE, so that's why I need AE. Anywhere near the upper west side that I could go to, that might even offer a good price? Regards, Pieter
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Century 21 has some AEs at a pretty good discount, but the selection is limited. For a better selection, try the AE store on Madison and 55th but you'll have to pay MSRP there. I don't know anything about AE sources on the UWS. dan
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Allen edmonds also offers a store locator on their website Brooklyn M & M Shoe Classics 4526 13th Avenue Schreiber's Shoes Ultimatum for Men Schwartz's 4908 16th Avenue Garden City Garden City Shoe Shop 178 Seventh Street Nordstrom Roosevelt Field Shopping Center Southampton Blazer & Button Company 130 Seventh Street New York Allen-Edmonds 24 East 44th Street Allen-Edmonds 551 Madison Avenue Citishoes 445 Park Avenue Eneslow 924 Broadway Harry's Shoes 2299 Broadway - Featured Online Dealer Lord & Taylor 424 5th Ave at 38th St Macy's Herald Square Oliver Moore Bootmakers 1194 Third Avenue Rochester Big & Tall 67 Wall Street Rochester Big & Tall 1301 Avenue of the Americas Saks Fifth Avenue 611 Fifth Avenue Somax Shoe 225 West 34th Street Stapleton Shoes 68 Trinity Place Stapleton Shoes 1 Rector Street Team South Street Seaport Tip Top Shoes 155 West 72nd Street Tom Austin 20 West 43rd Street Yorke Fashion Comfort Centre 140 East 55th Street Allen edmonds
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The Filene's Basement on the Ladies Mile received a shipment of various AE shoes and had them priced at $140-$200. I don't know how much stock is left now, I was there about 2 weeks ago. You could try the one on 79th and Broadway (which isn't nearly as busy) and see if they have any of the discounted AEs.
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If you have large feet you can rule out most of the stores listed. Your best bet are Rochester Big & Tall and the AE owned stores. The AE owned stores won't have everything in your size and the Rochester store has a very limited selection. I would recommend trying on several pairs to see what last fits you best (If I am not mistaken it is the last digit on the 4 number code) and then ordering a shoe on the same last from one of the shoe guys that frequent this forum. You will save around ~$60 per pair if you figure in the high sales tax in NYC. Tom Austin East44th just off 5th Ave usually has Alden in large sizes and wider widths if you are interested in trying a different brand. From a fellow person with size 14 feet ....
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I would think that Nordstrom would also be an excellent place to try for hard to find sizes. The Nordstrom near my home always claims that it has shoes for any size (or something like that). They usually have a display showing an incredibly small size next to an incredibly large one. They also carry a large selection of Allen Edmonds (check the website). Of course, unless you hit them during one of their sales, you'll be paying full price retail. There is no Nordstrom in NYC proper, so this may be of limited use for you on your trip. Regards, Jeff
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