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which service do you use?

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we have cable right now but i'm thinking of switching. the problem is that every couple of months, whatever channel my family has been watching most suddenly becomes unavailable to us. it gets bumped to a different tier of service and i'm asked to pay extra in order to get it back. this is occuring regularly and i have no doubt they are monitoring what we watch and taking channels away accordingly. so which do you prefer? directv, dish network, or what? i'll need whatever spanish package they offer, and all the soccer channels, of course.
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I don't have a TV.
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I've always had cable, but a friend of mine just switched from a dish back to cable...he moved to a new house and there's nowhere to put a dish that can be hidden, and he was pretty fed up with reception issues. On the other hand, I'm pretty fed up with my cable provider. Seems like both suck in mostly equal amounts.
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directv with tivo. they do have the spanish lang. package of course, but even the basic 'english' package has probably at least a dozen spanish channels (granted some of those are local to san francisco, but you're in LA, right?). just today i was watching futbol de la liga mexicano... /andrew - needs more tv
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Matadorpoeta Do you have digital cable in L.A? It has all of the sports packages along with all of your local channels. It also contains a wide range of cable channel's 6 or so HBO's and so on.
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We have Dishnetwork, mainly for TV5, the Francophone channel. I'm thinking of getting a dish upgrade so I can get the German channel as well.
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I have cable, don't pay for it, and never really watch any of it. I watch Sportscenter, occasionally some sort of history show, occasionally the travel channel, occasionally a local sports game, and possibly The Daily Show. I also have a real weakness for VH1 lately. The Surreal Life especially. I watch maybe four hours of TV a week at the most. I mean, thats what DVD's are for.
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I used to have Dish Network - and really wasn't impressed. The signal goes out when the wind blows too hard, or when it's really storming - which is exactly the time you want to be watching TV. Additionally, the satellite seems to take a long time to switch channels or too bring up the menu. I have digital cable now - and it's great. Much faster - excellent channel selection. That's what I recommend.
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I've got myself hooked on the cable jones. Basic only, because I refuse to put another box anywhere near my televisions... The beauty of cable is my high-speed internet. It has turned two of my kids into horrible little mp3 thieves.
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